Fall of Thoughts

Fall In Sky

There is a worm that stuck in my head…and does not let me have my normal life…it bites me and always reminds me of something. So many different topics are circling in my head that I hardly can concentrate on anything. I feel stupid and useless most of the time. I will not be lyrical today, most probably I am going to be harsh and deadly serious. I would like to try to use my words as a powerful source to make you think of…many things.

Fall Curtain

Fall is in full swing and nature takes special colors to show its beauty. I wonder how talented nature is. Bright sometimes unpredictable colors are exactly right for the end of the season. Do not you see certain analogy between the end of season and end of life? And what we usually see before it? Yeah, exactly bright colors or moments of our life…or colors of another new life that is waiting for us in the unknown world… I have no intention to ignite a sparkle of some religious conflict since I do believe and have a strong faith in my heart. What I am trying to say is that fall of the season is similar to the fall of life…our life! That’s why colors of Fall are so spectacular, so blinding and hypnotizing.

Fall in Kyiv

It can be called a melancholy season which suggests so many gloomy thoughts and recalls so many blighted hopes. Weather helps us to change our mind, be moody.

For many people Fall is the time for relax after hard work in the fields. Autumn is the harvest season, a time for gathering up thoughts and ideas – a time to begin putting our lives in order. On the contrary, there is a wish to be illogical and a bit reckless. Do not plan anything, do not expect for anything, just live and enjoy. Find positive in the smallest, be happy because of the simplest! Find a perfect moment of delight and never let it go…

Fall in Delight

And then grey clouds filling the sky…

Fall of Loneliness

a moment of delight has gone and a moment of loneliness arrived…being alone not always means being physically alone, in many cases you are alone emotionally. People do not see you. It seems that loneliness is the disease of the 21st century! In actuality, the truth is that loneliness permeates all boundaries. I meet so many people who are lack of soul mates and they sometimes do not know what to do in their spare time. They have families, children and so-called friends, however, in reality they are trapped in their sense of disconnection. Loneliness has more to do with the quality of our relationships – not simply our relationship status. It’s one thing to feel lonely when you expected to. It’s quite another to be surrounded by family and a network and still feel the pangs of disconnection. The temptation is to accept our isolation, as though there are no other options.

Fall of Solutions

And then I think what can be done? How this serious problem can be solved? Unfortunately, I did not find a solution yet. It might take a lot of time. Maybe we should be just more attentive to each other and more sociable, but how to learn it and whether it is possible at all? We are so closed nowadays. We are like snails who bring their houses and hide in them anytime somebody appears on the horizon. We are afraid of talking to a stranger or even a person whom we know. We are afraid to start a conversation because somebody might think of something…and etc. We are afraid to call our friends too often because everybody is so busy. We switch on computers and use social networks where we can be honest, since nobody knows us and does not see our face. We are in a shell and not ready to get out. It is very sad, indeed.

Fall Path

Something should be done against it! There are many interesting ways and if you google, you will definitely find a huge amount of articles devoted to it. My advice is not to think about it. If such a terribly depressing idea comes to your head, then switch to something else or do something: go for a walk, gor for a vacation, call your old friends whom you have not seen for a long time, talk to a stranger (yes, let’s be more brave and decisive), watch some movie or read my post…leave me a comment and I will reply you!!!

Sunny Fall

It can be pretty awesome to be a magician and use my magical stick…then my first task is to make all people around the world not lonely…isn’t it a lovely idea? Any suggestions?

Wish you a wonderful Fall weekend!

Stay in touch,

Yours Ann

36 thoughts on “Fall of Thoughts

  1. Ann, you are too good! You know how to write deeply; you capture all colors of the season; you read our minds; you propose solutions. Thanks so much, my friend, for being so sensitive and at the same time so generous! Hugs to you, and from Auden as well. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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    1. Dear Fabio, thank you very very much for such a warm and heartful compliment! I still feel that I do not deserve it. But it’s so kind of you. I am smiling now and feel that my words found their very attentive reader! hugging you and Auden and wish you sunny weekend! Take care!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your pictures, they illustrate your words so perfectly. beautiful post, yes, lets open up much more to each others, random acts of kindness can make such a difference. A smile is always contagious. Let’s keep it up 🙂

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    1. Stephanie, you go it so right! Sometimes I wonder how this world can be better if we can be more sociable and take everything easier. Thank you so much for your perfect comment! Let’s keep it really! Hugs

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  3. A lovely post by a lovely lady you are so in tune with those who are surrounded by people and yet so alone and I can relate to that..sometimes those who are closest to you, do not know you and I know that to be true. It’s a sad fact of life 🙂 Behind the smile isn’t that what they say 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, dear Caz! It’s really a huge problem which remains unsolved and forgotten. I just wanted to tell that people are not alone…and give them hope for a little happiness! I know that writing about it doesn’t mean helping, in fact, it can be even too sad to uncover the curtain of truth, but I would like to try to see people and a bit understand them more! It might be a first step forward…

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    1. Melissa, you are so kind, your lovely comment pleased me and made me smile! Thank you so much! So good to know you really liked it! You are such a nice person! Hugs and sunny day for you!


  4. Insane! I could not stop reading I went through a bunch of your posts and their all surprising and wonderful! Great job!
    I know you came by my blog a couple of days ago and I truly appreciate it I’m doing my best to expand my readership but I just started and it’s hard! Hopefully one day I’ll be just as successful as you are! Great stuff truly!
    secretallyweb.wordpress.com 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Sally, I am very touched by your words and would like to thank you so much! Surely you overestimate me a bit since I do not deserve all these compliments, I am a real amateur at writing, but I just like doing it. I am quite critical about myself and need to learn a lot to be able to tell the same to myself. Your blog is also very impressive, I am happy to meet you and read your posts. Believe me I cannot call myself successful, i am also the beginner here as you are. I just enjoy the process, I enjoy writing and photographing. I cannot do it professionally, so I can only enjoy it as a hobby. And I am so lucky because I can meet here such wonderful and kind people as you are. This is the biggest blessing! My blog exists only because of it! I talk to you via my posts and it makes me feel so complete and happy! Thank you for dropping by! Do not give up and enjoy the moment! I’ll be here…and support as only I can! Have a wonderful day and week!

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  5. Thoughtful , melancholic post which somehow belongs to this season, Beautiful photos as well!
    I know what you mean, it seems people tend to live more in their own world nowadays and finding themselves caught in the social media a lot too. However when one carry a smile outside and leave the phone in one’s pocket , you might be amazed how many people are in for a talk..or at least that is my experience.
    Have a wonderful day!

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    1. Dear Francina, you caught my idea very right, I am so blessed with such understanding people as you are! You felt the atmosphere and I like your comment so much. I absolutely agree with you, if you are able to start a conversation, then you can be amazed by how many people would like to talk and make friends with you….but you should be brave enough to start, somehow we are not enough brave, it’s a pity! Thank you so much for dropping by and sharing with me your ideas! Take care and have a nice day!


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