Trees Are Big, People Are Small

Big Trees

Starting a new post is a very important rite for me. It is almost devouteful. Every time I touch magical buttons on my notebook I feel concentrated, deadly serious and excited. Writing gives me a huge wave of energy and, at the same time, exhausts me till the last drop. I usually do not know about what I will write, my fingers and imagination are running into each other, as a result, you are forced to read my unpretentious stories. I pity you a lot, I can be often philosophical and not much entertaining. I guess it is not so right. Our life is already too complicated, so by entering this wordpress world we are eager to relax and have fun, we do not need to think too much. I absolutely agree with you.

Fall ImpressioWriting for me is great fun and work, but very relaxing. In my childhood I also liked to make up different stories and even more I particularly enjoyed the impromptu scene-writing exercises because of how liberating they felt. I asked my younger cousins to play with me. Poor they are, they had no choice – they were my actors. I got used to play between big trees where I felt myself so small, tiny, almost invisible…

Colorful Tree World

Many years passed since that time, but my imagination still plays tricks on me. And I love walking between trees with the sun poking its way through the branches and wondering what do they think of us. Do not they feel giant compared to us? Do not we feel too small compared to them? Haven’t you ever thought about it? Nope, I see. Such strange thoughts can appear only in my crazy head. Hey, wait a minute, I think you are not so honest with me, you have crazy ideas, you are just ashamed of them and afraid to tell. Oh, I caught you!

I Look At You

How about such quote “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”  (John Muir). Well-said, isn’t it? He was a wisdom man. Sometimes I feel that trees and nature might help me clarify how this world works. Nature laws are so obvious and right. Stronger eats weaker, bigger conquers smaller. Weaker has no chance to survive. Seasons are changed. Old leaves are fallen. So simple and complicated as well. In life – not. Why? I did not find an answer yet and you? That’s why I like nature more than real life. It can be good to hide between these big and colorful trees. Ops, yes, here among powerful trees I will not be able to write and talk to you, there is no network and electricity, no, this variant is not good. At least I tried!

Autumn Forest

Trees look at us bottom-up. Maybe this is the reason why I feel myself so small. And you, not? Aha, your should be 1.90 metres high then. Lucky you are. However, most of us are still small. And not only due to our height, but also because of our missions. Every newly born has a special mission. Each mission is very important and unique, but not each is well appreciated.

Damn Pretty

For example, many of us have simple life, usual jobs and hobbies. None of us are genius, billionaire, philanthropists. We do not discover new planets, develop new devices or save somebody’s lives. Some of us just sit in their office and do something not too difficult.  At first sight, it really seems so. In reality – not exactly. We are little mechanisms of the large system. In case the slightest detail is lost, then it does not work. In fact, we are not so small. Everybody does something very important, which makes this world spin. Do not forget about it when you are in your office and feel unimportant. It is not right, everyone is extremely important and irreplaceable. Evaluate yourself and be proud of your achievements. Paradoxically I am telling you something what I should remind myself constantly since I have big problems with self-assurance and self-esteem. I also receive a lesson from my post. Fantastic!


In conclusion, there are no small people, only big trees, I mean tall trees. They look at us and have fun. They see how an old lady walks with her dog, who is very similar to her owner (unbelievable resemblance), or two ladies who discuss their love affairs when they were young. Later they recognize a pair – man and woman, maybe friends, not yet lovers, whose sympathy towards each other is obvious for people around.

As Slim As Trees

Or sweet little squirrels who run here and there. Funny creatures arrange their houses before winter and gather food for colder period. Life is busy for them now, no time for fun. Hold on, no, they can have fun with us, people, when we tease them with nuts and try to make photograph. Poor squirrels, they cannot understand what do we want from them, they hide from big cameras like celebrities from paparazzi. 

Hungry Squirrel

Life goes on, seasons are changed, leaves are fallen. 

Leaves Are Fallen

Bright colors turn to grey and white.

Turn to Grey and White

We are trapped in constant circle, the seconds hand of the clock race ahead…tick-tuck…I wish it could stop…please not so fast!!!

Trees are Naked

Nature is ready for winter already, not the same with us. I do feel so small, while trees are too high…

 Too High

Yours Ann

From Kyiv With Love (Episode 1)


I guess writing about my Kyiv is the most difficult…the mixture of feelings is overwhelming. They are quite opposite. Pain and joy. How can I find right words to describe this city – charming city where I was born and where I spent most of my life, and where I saw too many things I wish I could not see. I feel nervous actually, I am not enough good for it. Maybe I am not even enough smart for this special mission, however, I have to give it a try. So we are in Kyiv  today and I would like to start our journey from its heart…Maidan, Independence Square or Place Where Hearts Go On…

In the photo above you can see our famous city center where in the 2000s the biggest political protests in Ukraine, such as the Ukraine without Kuchma (our second President after becoming an independent country) campaign and the Orange Revolution took place. In the center of picture there is a monument – a woman who symbolizes freedom for which Ukrainians fighting for….freedom bought with blood.

This monument symbolizes for me a strong Ukrainian woman and a mother who protects our Motherland from invaders. During our last Revolution of Dignity first blood was shed at this place. Students who showed their peaceful protests were sleeping on the stairs of this monument at the late November night when military met attacked them and started to use severe physical power by beating them with resin batons. I have not been there personally, but every time I am near this place I feel this desperate sorrow for being a witness of inhuman cruelty. These poor students were unarmed while military men were in full ammunition. Have you ever seen more cruel scenes? Among these students were young girls…it happened 2 years ago!

I draw for you a pretty sad picture, however, today sun shines brightly here, people walk around this monument and make pictures.  They believe that better future without war is waiting for their children when they grow up.

Historical House of Trade Unions

A historical building which survived or not exactly survived a real fire during the Revolution of Dignity salutes us. This is House of Trade Unions located on the city’s main Khreshchatyk Street, its facade faces the central Independence square and contains the city’s main clock tower. Approximate year of its “birth” is 1974, but it was renovated hundred of times. This building was mostly used as offices rented by Trade Union Federation. During Revolutions it served as press center, kitchen, and even area for sleeping or relax. Ukrainians gathered there to hide from winter cold, since most of our Revolutions were exactly at winter, its most cold months. What can I tell you – Ukrainians are not afraid of being frozen to death when it is about their freedom. One of the strongest and hard-working nation in the whole world, and not because I am one of them, no, believe me this is just what I see and know.  You have to excuse me now – I have big doubts whether anyone is ready to sleep in a usual tent almost on asphalt at the temperature not higher than -10 or even – 20 C…Ukrainians did and their clothes did not contain specific fur…I am not kidding…I saw it personally! I have no intention to idolize Ukrainians and put them on some pedestal, surely not, we are the same sinful people, just sometimes we can demonstrate magical will power that  impresses!

St Michael

If you turn almost 180 degrees you will see this statue with wings on the so-called gates. I will tell you what this is –  Saint Michael Archangel.   According to legend, when God divided the earth into countries and the angels chose one to patronize,  St. Michael became the protector of the Kyivan Rus (current Kyiv). This statue stands on Lyadski gates, which are supposed to be on the same place as in ancient times – gates to Kyiv. Let us go through them and look around. Take a deep breath and inhale the atmosphere. Maybe air is not so fresh, there are too many factories and cars in this megalopolis. Nevertheless, it has its own style. A preconceived opinion may be thrown at me – I do use too many compliments while describing Kyiv. Still I cannot agree. Kyiv is seemed to be not the most beautiful capital city, however, I could not stop loving it. 

City Center Side View

I have been abroad not once. I visited many capital cities and all of them I found very beautiful and nice. All of them have their own style, smells and sounds. I have no right even to tell that one city is more beautiful than the other.  Honestly I would like to see another Kyiv, not so crowded and modern. I prefer its ancient look, which is hardly remained due to skyscrapers and multiple shopping centers.

Kyiv Bridge View

Still it looks very nice. Especially when it tries an autumn outfit on. It looks so colorful and vulnerable at the same time. Sun makes a good light and I capture some positive signs, in fact, Kyiv needs changes for the better. It has to be reconstructed and saved in its original form. Kyiv can be a very attractive for tourists as well as L’viv. There are fantastic hotels here, beautiful nature parks, old churches and hospitable people. I think I will be right to tell that Kyiv is not similar to any other European city, it is too different and contrasting. One glance – modern shopping centers, expensive cars, high traffic, brand boutiques, skyscrapers, slim girls on high-heel shoes, whereas the other – homeless people, old people who like homeless, soldiers, sad faces, and despair…Yeah, again I draw a sad picture, I imagine your face now! I may draw another picture – happier and brighter, it actually is true. People smile here, people are born here, live, fall in love and etc. Thus Kyiv is too contrasting, black and white are crossing each other. As a person who cannot be indifferent I simply crave for warmer colors. Kyiv deserved to be visited, felt and “touched”. It deserved to be one of the most attractive and desired. That’s why I am here and I will show you this city from inside, you will hear the truth without any prejudice or advertisement. It is a special and very honorable mission and I will not disappoint you! 

To be continued!

From Kyiv with Love…

Yours Ann

Light vs Shadow

My Shadow

Light is the primary tool of the photographer even for Lily. Light for her was not only the magical tool of photo-exposure, but also the source of her internal energy. She seems to be lack of light, since it gives her life a meaning, when everything revives around her and results in a life-altering chain of events that make sense.

Shadow Dance

Lily lived in her or her parents’ shadow most of her time. All her family members were very talented and successful, while she became their bad luck. She seems to be not so lucky, however, in reality she was protected from large disasters. Her angel has a very unusual sense of humor; nevertheless, he did his job very well. And being a witness of the passionate kiss between Eros and Rose brought her back to the shadow.

Walk in the Shadow

She was caught in panic. Shadow embraced her and left her in total darkness of the night. It seemed like the air was getting darker as she walk passed multiple trees. Lily did not see anything, it was pitch dark. Why she felt like that – this question tormented her day and night. At the same time she was afraid she was jealous. The light was actually coming from this couple. This light helped Lily to go through the darkness of her thoughts and look at this-supposed-to-be-happy world. A kiss is the connection of two souls that is usually accompanied with unbelievable divine light similar to a rainbow. Rose and Eros seemed to light Lily’s world. She found her light road.

Road of Light

With these thoughts in her head Lily was slowly walking along her light road. She wanted to find her perfect spotlight and was fully immersed in it that did not recognize a silhouette approaching her. Only through her camera lenses a familiar shape started to come into sight. It was a great surprise to her, Lily made two steps back and awkwardly felt not on her soft body part.


It was quite painful!

“Ouch”, she hardly uttered a word and started to feel how pain spread through her legs. She did not pay attention to that known silhouette who was already by her side .

Between Shadow and Light

“Miss Lily, what are you doing here?” seriously asked he looking directly into her eyes. Suddenly Lily fixed her eyes on him. This clumsy girl gasped for air. Lily Crown was staring at Eros in the most inappropriate way. “Men should not have such beautiful eyes, it is not fair” was buzzing in her little head. 


“Halloo, are you all right? Say something…” worriedly Eros continued asking her. At that instant Lily realized that she has to answer. She wanted to say a joke or something clever, but…

Hiden Between

“Interesting, you usually ask people questions as soon as you meet them, why not  just say “hello””, Lily was curious. She tried to get up, but sharp pain paralyzed her moves.

Play of Light and Shadow

” A well-timed remark considering that you currently suffer from pain since your landing was not so lucky”, smiled he and filled her soul with magnificent light. Her life was a shadow yet, however, inside she felt intoxicating light that was creeping deeper.

Sun On Leaves

Today Lily wanted to play with light and make her perfect pictures. In reality she received something else. 

Light is Found

Lily was in physical pain from falling directly on coccyx, while her state of mind was filled with fabulous blue-eyes-light.


Similar analogy can be found in life. Sometimes there is a harmony between our body and soul. The other time, one of them is out of happy circle. Then light is in a conflict with shadow.

Walking Through

It can be pretty good if light can always win over shadow. Just imagine! Well, it may be hard to accept and to take in, but everything is in our hands and depends on us.

Light Magic

Lily was in Eros’ hands now. She could not walk, she desperately tried to avoid his help, she failed. He lifted her up like she was a feather. What a strong man!

Yellow Composition

However, they did not go home at once. Lily insisted on stopping every time when she saw her perfect light.


They made a quite funny picture. A tall and strong man was bringing a lady with photocamera in her hands. Every five minutes she asked him to stop to make a picture. What could he do? He was not able to find any argument against it.

In the Shadow

She was too decisive to capture that special moment when light penetrates through darkness, shadows vanish, and beauty sparkles with sun light. Lily’s ideal light moment…

Shining on You

Wish you more light in your life!

Yours Ann

In the Rustle of Leaves

October Colors

 One Sunday morning when the sun shone less brightly, and the leaves of the trees, have already changed color for fall, swayed in the gentle breeze, I decided to have a walk with my photo jack-of-all-trades. And that’s what came out of it…

Sunny Leaves

Autumn is the brightest season, when the leaves change color from green to queer. Autumn comes and everything turns to be ‘pumpkin-spiced’.  The kind of silence where you can hear the rustle of leaves and the forest creak in the wind is nice. The kind of silence where you hear nothing. That is the perfect moment of harmony with nature. You dissolve in it fully.  Autumn is also a very positive time, am I right? Or not? Some of you who disagree is a person who prefers being blind. A question then arises – what exactly do you see if your eyes are closed? I suppose it is quite dangerous to stroll through the streets in that way. I highly recommend you to open your beautiful deep-set eyes and look at this world. You actually may observe a colorful boom. So many bizarre undertones can be seen only at Fall. There is no count of them. All we have to do is admire, capture and keep them in our minds. This season offers an extremely rich color palette. Artists should just watch and imbibe: colors, sounds and smells.


Can it really be only me who believes that autumn is more striking than spring. Indeed, first never been touched sprouts and buds cannot compete with yellow and stale leaves. Similar association occurs when you see a young girl and a mature woman. Moreover, a mature woman is like a fine wine, aged to perfection. The same happens with autumn leaves.

Stand as if rooted to the ground

In the rustle of autumn leaves I have more thoughts in my head then I could even hope to contend with. I need to let them come out. Exactly at that moment I find my notebook and comfortable chair, and start typing. At this instant I do not care what people think of me, whether anybody will like what I write and how I do it… I am alone with my thoughts. I give rein to them as I cannot keep them inside the dark closets of my soul. Here they come, watch out! I am steaming like a kettle. The sound is almost similar to autumn sonata about something painful. One of such painful topic is kindness…yes, yes, usual immense kindness. We come across it every day, when we see how people donate their last money to save somebody’s life (a person whom they have never seen before). Or when an old lady, who hardly moves, knits stockings for young soldiers. And when a young girl – volunteer cooks soup and bakes sweet buns to feed a young soldier who defends his Motherland with the Kalashnikov gun is his hands. After several days she finds him in a hospital and stays next to him. A girl who is a stranger to him becomes his hope for happiness. But there is no end of Ukrainian wonders. This young girl marries this soldier…ceremony is very touching…the groom is in invalid chair…and at such minutes a true belief in humane kindness revives…good wins over evil and not only in movies. Love wins over pain, love brings new life. Cynics and pessimists become optimists and dreamers for whom life begins again…

Again I hear the known rustle of leaves while holding my camera tightly…I press the button… click…new colorful flash!

Fall of Leaves

Wish you kind and colorful weekend!

Yours Ann

Fall of Thoughts

Fall In Sky

There is a worm that stuck in my head…and does not let me have my normal life…it bites me and always reminds me of something. So many different topics are circling in my head that I hardly can concentrate on anything. I feel stupid and useless most of the time. I will not be lyrical today, most probably I am going to be harsh and deadly serious. I would like to try to use my words as a powerful source to make you think of…many things.

Fall Curtain

Fall is in full swing and nature takes special colors to show its beauty. I wonder how talented nature is. Bright sometimes unpredictable colors are exactly right for the end of the season. Do not you see certain analogy between the end of season and end of life? And what we usually see before it? Yeah, exactly bright colors or moments of our life…or colors of another new life that is waiting for us in the unknown world… I have no intention to ignite a sparkle of some religious conflict since I do believe and have a strong faith in my heart. What I am trying to say is that fall of the season is similar to the fall of life…our life! That’s why colors of Fall are so spectacular, so blinding and hypnotizing.

Fall in Kyiv

It can be called a melancholy season which suggests so many gloomy thoughts and recalls so many blighted hopes. Weather helps us to change our mind, be moody.

For many people Fall is the time for relax after hard work in the fields. Autumn is the harvest season, a time for gathering up thoughts and ideas – a time to begin putting our lives in order. On the contrary, there is a wish to be illogical and a bit reckless. Do not plan anything, do not expect for anything, just live and enjoy. Find positive in the smallest, be happy because of the simplest! Find a perfect moment of delight and never let it go…

Fall in Delight

And then grey clouds filling the sky…

Fall of Loneliness

a moment of delight has gone and a moment of loneliness arrived…being alone not always means being physically alone, in many cases you are alone emotionally. People do not see you. It seems that loneliness is the disease of the 21st century! In actuality, the truth is that loneliness permeates all boundaries. I meet so many people who are lack of soul mates and they sometimes do not know what to do in their spare time. They have families, children and so-called friends, however, in reality they are trapped in their sense of disconnection. Loneliness has more to do with the quality of our relationships – not simply our relationship status. It’s one thing to feel lonely when you expected to. It’s quite another to be surrounded by family and a network and still feel the pangs of disconnection. The temptation is to accept our isolation, as though there are no other options.

Fall of Solutions

And then I think what can be done? How this serious problem can be solved? Unfortunately, I did not find a solution yet. It might take a lot of time. Maybe we should be just more attentive to each other and more sociable, but how to learn it and whether it is possible at all? We are so closed nowadays. We are like snails who bring their houses and hide in them anytime somebody appears on the horizon. We are afraid of talking to a stranger or even a person whom we know. We are afraid to start a conversation because somebody might think of something…and etc. We are afraid to call our friends too often because everybody is so busy. We switch on computers and use social networks where we can be honest, since nobody knows us and does not see our face. We are in a shell and not ready to get out. It is very sad, indeed.

Fall Path

Something should be done against it! There are many interesting ways and if you google, you will definitely find a huge amount of articles devoted to it. My advice is not to think about it. If such a terribly depressing idea comes to your head, then switch to something else or do something: go for a walk, gor for a vacation, call your old friends whom you have not seen for a long time, talk to a stranger (yes, let’s be more brave and decisive), watch some movie or read my post…leave me a comment and I will reply you!!!

Sunny Fall

It can be pretty awesome to be a magician and use my magical stick…then my first task is to make all people around the world not lonely…isn’t it a lovely idea? Any suggestions?

Wish you a wonderful Fall weekend!

Stay in touch,

Yours Ann