Lady Ukraine celebrates her 24th birthday today

She is so young and not too wisdom,

but she does look pretty anyway!

I was born in Ukraine AND there is a tight bond between us. Ukraine is a mysterious country for many of you, my dear Readers, most of you even do not know where it is situated, some of you might hear something about it at least once. However, you should be sure that Ukraine is a very beautiful country with breathtaking landscapes and I am eager to show you my country and let you discover it from another angle. Nowadays you hear about Ukraine as the country who is in war with Russia and who is highly corrupted inside…that’s definitely true, moreover, life in this country is very complicated and sometimes unbearable…but poverty and corruption exist even in your highly developed countries, so that cannot be something unusual…Ukrainians did not win yet in this endless war for better life and our future can be hardly predicted…but here live very kind people whose smiles are always honest, here the land is softer and sun shines brighter…there are many problems here as well, which may not be solved at once….but a huge HOPE lives here that the world will pay attention to us and SMILE at us in reply! DEAR WORLD, look at us and give us a chance…



  1. I nominate you the Ambassador of Ukraine 🙂 One can tell how much you are attached to your home country just by reading this post. Wish it will be peaceful again, so you can all celebrate many many happy Birthdays over there 🙂

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    1. Stephanie, it’s a great honor for me to be nominated with such a title, hope I deserved it! It’s very pleasant and I am smiling now! Thank you so much for your warm wishes, you are so kind! I am really attached to my country and I do dream that one day it will be one of the most developed and beautiful countries in the whole world…it’s possible since we have such support from all of you!

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