Svityaz Wonderlake Relaxation Sketches


I am an Aquarius and I love water. I had never before seen that particular shade of blue just for today, this perfect and first day at the Lake Svityaz. I am standing now at the shore of this wonderlake and holding my camera as well as my breathe…The haze of atmosphere between heaven and earth had thinned and I stood closer to the edge of the universe than I had ever had before, so close that I felt almost as if I might be sucked into that blue right away from earth…


Svityaz Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Ukraine. Water surface of the lake is 27,5 square km with maximum depth of 58,4 meters. The lake is karst origin and fed by artesian groundwater. The water in the lake is amazingly clear and soft, rich in silver ions and glycerol.

Bridge to Nowhere

Svityaz Lake is famous of the island that is situated inside of it with area of 7 ha. This island was known as a mysterious place since ancient times. It looks very exotic and even mysterious.

I need to water my soul and body where I clean myself from everything unimportant. Water is my internal source of energy and balance, and being in it, near it and around it makes me feel connected to spirit. Water covers an array of my emotions. It’s literally a source of my life.  I need a plunge during which I can dissolve like a cubic of sugar in a hot tea… 

Sunny Day at Wonderlake

There are many legends associated with appearance of Svityaz Lake. One of them said that in ancient times on site of the lake was a beautiful city and there was noble and kind king. Once one of neighbors asked him for help to serve an enemy attack. Quickly got a king in the way with his army leaving residents without protection. Meanwhile the enemy attacked the city. Then the beautiful and proud daughter of king asked Gods to ruin the city so it does not get the enemy. Before she could utter the last word as all around swayed and went underground. And at this point there was a lovely clean Svityaz Lake with amazing colors.

Orange Sunset at Wonderlake

Every lake has its mystery…the mystery of its origin…you imagination can create thousands of them and you still will not be sure what exactly happened. 


Water helps to clear our brain. Every day life exhausts me from the top till the bottom, it sucks from me vital flows. I am in a constant struggle for a better place under the sun and I hardly see what is around. I belong to the society where we all are the actors. Life is a game for me…

Forests Around Wonderlake

Svityaz Lake is surrounded by forests is fabulously beautiful. It is rightly called the pearl of Polessye. Air here is so fresh that you become drunken! During seasons you can hunt here for wild fruits and mushrooms.

Fishing at Wonderlake

When my brain races with unhappy thoughts I need to slow it down…looking at water and fishing can be both entertaining and relaxing…and if I catch my golden fish I can ask for three wishes…

Wonderlake Fish

One of them is  to take a nice boat and  drift through this Wonderlake again…

Boat at Wonderlake

Hope my relaxation sketches helped you to catch some relaxation minutes during this weekend! I enjoyed sharing with you my deep thoughts, it was a real pleasure, my dear Friends! Stay in touch and have a productive and magical working week!

Yours Ann

P. S. I wonder what three wishes you can ask if you catch a golden fish? Looking forward to hearing you soon….

4 thoughts on “Svityaz Wonderlake Relaxation Sketches

    1. Thank you so much, Carole, for this warm compliment! This place is really great, I discovered it only this year and have already fallen in love with it! This is also in Ukraine in the South West and very close to the border with Poland.

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