In Search of Summer Ideas

New Life

Summer is in full swing and I feel that I am in search of something new! New life is waiting to be born. There is something special in the air and I cannot sit on the same place, it is time to go wondering…to discover new things and find new muse….

Mr Tickle

Together with Mr Tickle we would like to try to explore this world, but will come back and share with you our impressions. I know that usually we do not like changes and believe me I am not an exception, but exploring gives us something unique as well, which we can be lack of. I have no right to miss my chance and open new places and share them with you…


Do not let us to be lazy like Fluffy and look at this world from different point of view…So, cheer yourself up, gather things and let’s get away…

All the best and see you later!



20 thoughts on “In Search of Summer Ideas

    1. Dear Fabio, thank you so much for your wonderful words and for noticing changes I made with my blog. New ideas came after a good vacation, you feel yourself so refreshed and so energetic. You are ready to change something and make some of your crazy dreams come true. Well, we will see how much energy I have, it’s a question whether it’s enough for achieving all of my goals. Nevertheless, I would like to try at least and hope I am enough smart for it. I most appreciate your kind attention to my blog, you are very very sweet! Wish you pleasant week and many joyful moments!

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      1. Thanks so very much, dear Ann! You are very smart, brave, and sweet! Hope you will keep up with all your energy and skills. The world is better with persons like you. And I mean it! Love your country, which is always in my thoughts. You and your family take care! πŸ™‚

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      2. Dear Fabio, your too kind words made my really melt like an ice-cream, hope I do deserve them! I feel your honesty! I can tell you the same you were my first follower and since then your support was so valuable, such people like you can give others what they are lack of, your kindness and attention is a blessing! I am happy that through this blog we met! Thank you for your worry about my country, it means a lot! You and your family too take care!

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  1. Love the AnRo Studio on the lens of your equipment! It shows equilibrium, pride, bravery, and something like ” I am here to register the situation, and to share it to the world via the AnroWorld!” best to you, my friend!

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    1. Yeah, you can call me a crazy and too decisive, sometimes even not modest, but that’s my dream – show this world through my lens! I know i am not enough smart , educated and talented for this too huge dream, however, I do hope to accomplish it even if it can take all my efforts and lot’s of time. That’s a real passion that burning inside like a flame! Once again you are sooooo sweet and so attentive, see you read my thoughts! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You made my day!

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    1. Thank you so much, my dear Friend! This squirrel is Mr Tickle, he is a very young squirrel who born this year, but he is already very curious about this world. He is so cute!


    1. I am very grateful for your lovely comment, you are so sweet! These are my little friends, Mr Fluffy (cat), Mr Tickle (squirrel) and Mr Cucumber (cucumber), they like posing for me, i guess!


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