Nature’s Flying Flowers


World smiles at me and  it makes me feel wonderful…it gives me a chance to discover it from the bottom to top and I feel myself honored to be able to recognize its wonders! 

Have you ever seen butterflies? “Million times” can your reply…but I ask you again have you ever WATCH butterflies? They are the nature’s flying flowers whose flying looks like a very delicate dance in air…Although so intimately hitched in the air, the butterflies seem to draw the world around them into their dance. They circle and spin, they make knot patterns in the air… And when they land on the flower their body looks so fragile…the butterflies bask in the wonder of now!


People are surrounding butterflies with legends and myths. 

According to an ancient legend of Aztecs and Indians, butterflies send our desires to heaven, and if you whisper your desire to a butterfly and then release it, the desire will be executed. 

So,  let’s catch our butterfly and whisper our wish…


Hope, you weekend was nice and full of butterflies!

Wish you a nice looming working week!

Yours Ann

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