Sweet Moments That Never Come Back

Life is just a passing moment and I am eager to enjoy it to the full… and you?

Let’s enjoy this moment together:

This is the film I made on my own and which I sent for Nikon Contest this year, as you may guess I failed there. I went to the first round and then I was crossed out from the Big list. Now I present it to you, my dear Friends, and hope to hear your opinion about it. This film means a lot for me, since I did it completely by myself, even the music I composed – it was one of the conditions of the competition. It was good to participate, at least, I knew that I tired. I also knew that I have to improve my skills a lot before even thinking of such challenges. However, I am happy that I delt with it. I shall admit that filming for me is not a simple hobby, it’s a real passion. In my head I always play some scenes. I visualize almost every story and every situation in my head. I have a pretty good and sometimes disturbing imagination. Everything goes through my head and stays there for a lot of time. I like playing with images and see final result. A good film can change my mood and make my life more complete. As every real filmmaker I do enjoy watching movies as well and afterwards again visualizing. Sometimes I caught myself on thought that I may go through the lives of film heroes in my head. For some seconds I might forget about reality. You may say that I am a kind of freak, perhaps you are right, but I cannot agree with you. Unfortunately, we live only once,Β  and what is amazing – a film or a book shows us several thousand other lives, haven’t you ever thought or felt like that? I had and I found it absolutely AWESOME! So, until I am able to, I will go on filming because it gives me vital energy without which I cannot imagine my life.

I would like you to share with me your opinion on the film presented to you, my amazing Friends, just tell me what on your mind is after watching it! I appreciate every small comment!

Thank you in advance!

Yours Ann

30 thoughts on “Sweet Moments That Never Come Back

      1. Thank you for your encouragement. We can say that AnRo is a mixture of my names, first and second one. You can call me Ann, it’s nice to meet you! I appreciate very much your compliment and your kind attention to my blog! Thank you! You too have a good luck, you have a very interesting blog!

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  1. A very good effort and the more you do the better you become, so keep entering competitions and one day it will happen for you, you will get some recognition and voila. And as to being a ” freak ” then I must be one to as everything I do is played in my mind and for me that’s the way to go. Have fun and enjoy πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much, my dear Friend, your words mean a lot for me! The best is when you have a feedback, so I am already lucky one! I keep on trying and hope I won’t disappoint you and others! Thank you for visiting my blog! You too have fun and good luck!

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    1. Jim, you are too kind and overestimate me a bit. I am such an amateur in all of my hobbies, but the point is that I ADORE all of them and cannot live without my passion hobbies. I should confess that I am a hopeless dreamer and believe that I can be a film-maker, writer, photographer and even dare to be composer without enough knowledge! My life is complete only if I am dealing with my hobbies, otherwise I am lost and don’t know what to do. I am a crazy girl who want to make her dreams real soooooo much that sometimes I am scared of myself! I greatly appreciate your wonderful words! Thank you, hugs!

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  2. It’s our dream that make us who we are. Always follow your passions, Ann. You and everyone around you (even those halfway across the globe!) will the better for it. That’s my advice, anyway!

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  3. Dearest ANN! it looks to me like you are living your dream. Film, photography, music, vision. To live the life of an artist is a dream. No matter how many contests you enter, the winner is you. Your life is art. You live the beauty, you breathe it and express it. This is the dance! Keep dancing, lovely flower! What a joy to see your delight!

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    1. Dear Susana, you did not see my latest film yet, I advice you to check my post Fun Time with Ann…however, I thank you a lot for your sweet and most kind comments, I am hugging you! I am not sure I can afford myself a life of an artist, since I am such a hopeless amateur who hardly can produce anything worth of admiring…nevertheless, everything I do with passion and hope that one day a miracle will happen and I can become a real artist…
      Thank you for dropping by!
      What you said about me is too beautiful!


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