Directed by ANRO

Dear Friends, today I would like to introduce you one of my films that I made on my own. I am fan of filming and that’s my unreachable dream to devote my life to it. I am a pure amateur, but adore filming, and I hope these several minutes can make your day brighter, at least, it did for me!!!

So, I am honored to present you my Small National Geographic Series:

Believe me you won’t regret watching it!

Looking forward to your comments!

Have a wonderful day!



7 thoughts on “Directed by ANRO

  1. Ann, This is fantastic! I already knew that you are a greater writer and photographer, but I was unaware of your expertise on film making and direction. The artists are very sweet! The squirrel and the birds are very fast… wow! Great film, my dear friend! Thanks so much! 5 stars!!!

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    1. Dear Fabio, you made me such a great compliment I definitely do not deserve, but I am the happiest to know you liked it. I spent quite a lot of time for filming these wonderful little creatures and then editing my materials, however, I enjoyed it so much that cannot express with words. I did it with pleasure and continue doing it, actually this is my dream to capture the moments of our life! I am so grateful for your very very kind words and smiling now! You made my day so nice! All the best for your family and have a nice day!

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      1. You are so kind, Ann! You put so much love on what you do! It is my big pleasure to savor all your art. Thanks so much! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a beautiful day!

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      2. Thank you, dear Fabio. I really adore my little actors, I was trying to help them survive in winter and gave them food, this feeder for birds is my idea. And also nuts for squirrels, and during it I was trying to capture them with my camera. I just felt a positive energy from them, they made me happy! And I would like to share this happiness with all of you!

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      3. Ohh, no, this is too large compliment! I just do as I feel, like you, for example. You try to show people happiness through your pictures and kind words, it changes this world for the better! Even the title of your blog!

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