In Search of Summer Ideas

New Life

Summer is in full swing and I feel that I am in search of something new! New life is waiting to be born. There is something special in the air and I cannot sit on the same place, it is time to go wondering…to discover new things and find new muse….

Mr Tickle

Together with Mr Tickle we would like to try to explore this world, but will come back and share with you our impressions. I know that usually we do not like changes and believe me I am not an exception, but exploring gives us something unique as well, which we can be lack of. I have no right to miss my chance and open new places and share them with you…


Do not let us to be lazy like Fluffy and look at this world from different point of view…So, cheer yourself up, gather things and let’s get away…

All the best and see you later!


Nature’s Flying Flowers


World smiles at me and  it makes me feel wonderful…it gives me a chance to discover it from the bottom to top and I feel myself honored to be able to recognize its wonders! 

Have you ever seen butterflies? “Million times” can your reply…but I ask you again have you ever WATCH butterflies? They are the nature’s flying flowers whose flying looks like a very delicate dance in air…Although so intimately hitched in the air, the butterflies seem to draw the world around them into their dance. They circle and spin, they make knot patterns in the air… And when they land on the flower their body looks so fragile…the butterflies bask in the wonder of now!


People are surrounding butterflies with legends and myths. 

According to an ancient legend of Aztecs and Indians, butterflies send our desires to heaven, and if you whisper your desire to a butterfly and then release it, the desire will be executed. 

So,  let’s catch our butterfly and whisper our wish…


Hope, you weekend was nice and full of butterflies!

Wish you a nice looming working week!

Yours Ann

Rose Message

Rose Flirts

Eros Clumsy has a birthday today. He is thirty-five years of age, he was already a mature man in his prime, however, his personal life was locked in his computer in his room on the second floor. He still lives with his mom who cares after him and cooks him delicious meals. His mom Dolly devoted her life to her only wished,boy. Dolly was left on the shelf far too long, she was quite obstinate and could not find a good man for her. When at last she met a man who conquered her heart, she had to wait for her baby to be brought by a stork. Finally, this day has come and she gave a birth to a very handsome baby with huge blue eyes and long black eyelashes (envy of all girls). Eros was a truly nice baby, she has never had any troubles with him. She and her husband Tom lived a happy and prosperous life. Dolly had everything she dreamt of – a big house and nice family. Tom was a pilot, so his salary let him to satisfy all wife’s wishes. Anything Dolly would like to have – she received almost at once: car, jewelry, clothes and etc. They were a couple like from a Hollywood film, their life was too perfect and happy….but not too long. From one of his flights Tom did not come back….he died in an airplane crash…Eros was only 16th and his life changed forever. He had to become a grownup and took care about his mom. Maybe this was the main reason of his choice to stay a bachelor, his life did not belong to him anymore. He cannot complain about lack of women’s’ attention in his early twentieth, however, girls liked his appearance and he was looking for his soul mate. He never considered a girl only as a pretty picture, Eros wanted to know a woman as another person and discover her inner world. Yet women did not give him such a chance. He gave up and started to get used to the idea of eternal bachelor. Hm, Eros was exactly not enough smart though and not farsighted, he has no idea that exactly this moment one crazy and passionate woman with a tricky name Rose was going to come….and make a big mess!

Rose Thinks

At this usual day, almost in the end, Eros got a very unusual message where a girl named Rose greeted him with his birthday and invited to meet tomorrow afternoon in the local park. Eros was so confused, frustrated and flabbergasted that he almost could not move, so in this pose he accidentally fell asleep and saw...

fRose's Soul

HER – a woman or a flower who befuddled him with its smell that  is thought to be relaxing and restorative because it encourages him to breath deeply and slowly. Eros found himself walking through paths full of ROSES of various colors and shapes…ROSES were breathtakingly beautiful…and soo mysterious…

Garden of Roses

“The rose is a legend in it’s own. The story goes that during the Roman empire, there was an incredibly beautiful maiden named Rhodanthe. Her beauty drew many zealous suitors who pursued her relentlessly. Exhausted by their pursuit, Rhodanthe was forced to take refuge from her suitors in the temple of her friend Diana. Unfortunately, Diana became jealous. And when the suitors broke down her temple gates to get near their beloved Rhodanthe she also became angry, turning Rhodanthe into a rose and her suitors into thorns.”

Rose Enjoys Sky

Eros made several unsteady steps further…suddenly the still afternoon had become more torpid than before. Even the insects in this rose garden had ceased their droning buzz. The air was so sweet, full of aromas. A butter-colored sun beat down on the earth, which released its heat in rising shimmer. It was like being in a perfumed sauna, only he was not naked…

Roses Fly

The father of Botany Theophrastus (371-286 BC) first classified and identified plants. In his classic books Enquiry into plants and De Causis Plantarum (The causes of plants) he wrote about a “hundred-petaled rose” and called it centifolia (literally: hundred petals).”

Rose Feels

“Why white roses are so special is no mystery – it’s a myth. Perhaps it started with the Romans who believed white roses grew where the tears of Venus fell as she mourned the loss of her beloved Adonis. Myth also has it that Venus’ son Cupid accidentally shot arrows into the rose garden when a bee stung him, and it was the “sting” of the arrows that caused the roses to grow thorns. And when Venus walked through the garden and pricked her foot on a thorn, it was the droplets of her blood which turned the roses red.”

Roses in White

At that exact instant Eros caught a glimpse of her…again not sure a woman or a flower…tilting her head back she closed her eyes and let the sunlight spill across her face. She breathed deeply of the aromatic air, which was scented with delicious candies…

Roses Fall

She turned her head and looked at him directly…her stare was intense…his blue eyes looked more blue than usual reflecting the sky…

Roses in Color

He moved behind her, he tried to touch her hand…but wind blew his hand away…he could not touch and ensure that she was real…she seemed too perfect and so out-of-reach…and even if he could not touch her he felt so happy…

Roses in Yellow and White

Eros felt like the prince of the world. The sunlight painted stripes on her hair. He felt that light, so free. Joy bubbled from a feeling of a newfound friend…

Rose in Dream

Then he woke up…

Rose Drops

To be continued!


Sweet Moments That Never Come Back

Life is just a passing moment and I am eager to enjoy it to the full… and you?

Let’s enjoy this moment together:

This is the film I made on my own and which I sent for Nikon Contest this year, as you may guess I failed there. I went to the first round and then I was crossed out from the Big list. Now I present it to you, my dear Friends, and hope to hear your opinion about it. This film means a lot for me, since I did it completely by myself, even the music I composed – it was one of the conditions of the competition. It was good to participate, at least, I knew that I tired. I also knew that I have to improve my skills a lot before even thinking of such challenges. However, I am happy that I delt with it. I shall admit that filming for me is not a simple hobby, it’s a real passion. In my head I always play some scenes. I visualize almost every story and every situation in my head. I have a pretty good and sometimes disturbing imagination. Everything goes through my head and stays there for a lot of time. I like playing with images and see final result. A good film can change my mood and make my life more complete. As every real filmmaker I do enjoy watching movies as well and afterwards again visualizing. Sometimes I caught myself on thought that I may go through the lives of film heroes in my head. For some seconds I might forget about reality. You may say that I am a kind of freak, perhaps you are right, but I cannot agree with you. Unfortunately, we live only once,  and what is amazing – a film or a book shows us several thousand other lives, haven’t you ever thought or felt like that? I had and I found it absolutely AWESOME! So, until I am able to, I will go on filming because it gives me vital energy without which I cannot imagine my life.

I would like you to share with me your opinion on the film presented to you, my amazing Friends, just tell me what on your mind is after watching it! I appreciate every small comment!

Thank you in advance!

Yours Ann

Fruity-Tutti That Are Healthy and Bright

Cherry Lady

It is believed that every man should build a house, plant a tree and father a son. I may assume that the same can be said about a woman as well. Do not you agree? Planting a tree is a lifelong investment. We do not only make our planet greener, but also produce more oxygen, and it’s vital for everyone. We had an occasion to plant a cherry tree in my granny’s garden and now this summer tree pleased us with its first fruits. You can see the first picture! You cannot even imagine how happy we were to see it and taste it. You have no idea how sweet it was…was, because we have eaten it already. Yeah, I know it’s not good that I did not share it with you, bad girl!

You might recognize that I like gathering information almost about everything I make a picture of, so I could not resist the temptation to get to know more about this particular fruit. Did you know that the word ‘cherry’ comes from the Turkish town of Cerasus. Cherries are not only very beautiful and bright fruit, however, very healthy as well. As I read red cherries contain melatonin which helps to fight against harmful toxins. These fruits also contain a high level of antioxidants which are beneficial to the human body. They also ensure the proper functioning of the body and help the immune system get stronger. Right now I understand why I like it so much, I confess I am a fan of sweet cherries, I can eat a half of kilo at once, they are very delicious. 

Fruit Piece

How do you like my fruit piece that I captured specially for you? Any comments? Does it look nice? Well, my 
little apples are without a make-up, but trust me they are tasteful!

I live in a capital city and coming to the countryside gives me always a positive feedback. You can simply change the atmosphere to which you get used and discover something new, unknown for you. I know that life in the countryside is not so entertaining as well, since people should work hard in order to get good harvest. There are benefits and drawbacks of both lifestyles. A nice balance is possible if you are able to combine both, guess. So, when I have time I should escape from my lovely, but very noisy city, and grasp some fresh countryside air as well as taste juicy fruits. 


However, before putting these delicious and colorful fruits to my mouth, I have to pick them up. I adore raspberries, they are very sweet, but gathering them is not so funny. Raspberries are grown in bushes , so when you gather them you have to dive into the forest of bushes where a lot of ants waiting to bite you. Or you may be “lucky” to meet some other, not too pretty, animals that usually live in these bushes. Anyway, everybody likes raspberries, but not everybody likes gathering them. Can you share your experience?

Nevertheless, let us enjoy raspberries and find out more about them.

Raspberries have been enjoyed by man since the times of cavemen. This berry is unique and fascinating, and has even worked its way into our popular culture. The word “raspberry” seems to come from the Old French raspise, a term meaning “sweet rose-colored wine”.

Raspberries are sold and produced throughout the world, which has given rise to myths about why raspberries are red and even one myth about the magical qualities of the fruit. a modern myth tells the story of how raspberries turned a fox’s fur red.  In the Tale of the Raspberry Fox, by Henning Buchhagen, there is a fox named Ferdinand.  At that time, all foxes were grey in colour.  The tale tells how Ferdinand didn’t like to eat meat, so one day he decided to eat some raspberries and discovered that he loved eating them.  He kept eating raspberries and the more he ate, the redder his fur became.  Ever since then, all foxes have had red fur and like to eat fruit.

Delicious raspberries are low in calories and fats. Raspberries are a wonderful source of vitamin C, containing 40 percent of a person’s daily needs. Raspberry contains anti-oxidant vitamins like vitamin A, and vitamin E. 

I adore raspberry jam which is prepared in a very easy way. You just should add sugar to raspberries and bend it together, then put to small glass bowls and leave in a fridge. It is very yammi! I spread it on roll and eat it with milk or tea. Ohh, you should try it!!! Highly recommend!


And then I found apricots. who do not like apricots? Many of my colleagues who are much older than me (age of my granny) usually confess that apricots are their favourite fruits, they can eat them till their tummies will be big like a balloon. 

The apricot, discovered about 4,000 years ago in China, was introduced to the United States in the 18th century. Greek mythology experts believe apricots are the “golden apples” of Hesperides — the fruit Hercules was ordered to pick in the eleventh of his twelve labors. In Latin, apricot means “precious”. Indeed, my colleagues consider this fruit exactly precious, they are crazy about it. Maybe because they know that it was long considered an aphrodisiac, huh, ladies…do you remember A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and apricot was used as an inducer of childbirth as depicted in John Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi. Right now I see it very clearly. Ladies like apricots!!!

Moreover, apricots are regarded as a healthy source of Vitamins A and C. Vitamin A promotes eye and skin health, while Vitamin C helps boost the immune system. Apricots are also rich in beta-carotene and don’t contain any cholesterol or sodium. 

Dreaming of apricots, in English folklore, is said to be good luck. Wish you sweet apricot dreams this night!


I have no right to forget about pears, even if it is not their period yet. They are mostly green now, but when their time comes….hum….we cannot resist not to eat juicy pears as soon as we pick them from a tree. And here I should again boast about planting a pear tree, which is ready to produce its first babies. 

Chinese people believe that sharing of pear may disturb relationship between friends or lovers. Pears are a symbol of immortality in China. Well, I do not live in China, but I can feel they are pretty right about it. 

Pears were important part of diet in ancient Greece and remedy for nausea. Greek poet Homer described pears as “gifts of the gods”. 

Have you ever smoked pears? Nope…well, then you are a looser….kidding…pear leaves were used for the preparation of cigarettes, before tobacco became popular. So, my dear fans of unhealthy cigarettes – maybe it’s time you gave up smoking “who knows what” and start smoking healthy pear leaves…

Pears contain anti-oxidants, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Eating pears helps maintain a healthy immune system. Pears help treat hypertension. I can see only benefits and you? How do you like pears?


Finally, I cannot finish my story without currants, a Queen among healthy fruits. This fruit is not so sweet as previously mentioned, but very healthy. 

Being a rich source of several antioxidant minerals, regular intake of raw red currant fruit helps in the detoxification of your body as well as in the elimination of the free radicals produced as a result of biochemical reactions in the body. Red currants as a great food to add to your skin care diet. Red currant helps control blood pressure by regulating the circulatory system, and thereby reduces the risk of heart attack and other coronary disorders.

Black currants have extraordinarily high vitamin C content, good DV levels of dietary fiber, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamin B5; and a broad range of other essential nutrient. If you catch a cold in winter, there is nothing better than a tea with black currant, it helps to fight with high temperature and microbes. I tested it on myself. So, I always prepare a package of black currant and leave it frozen in my freezer. And you?

Have a nice weekend!

Your Doctor Ann

Directed by ANRO

Dear Friends, today I would like to introduce you one of my films that I made on my own. I am fan of filming and that’s my unreachable dream to devote my life to it. I am a pure amateur, but adore filming, and I hope these several minutes can make your day brighter, at least, it did for me!!!

So, I am honored to present you my Small National Geographic Series:

Believe me you won’t regret watching it!

Looking forward to your comments!

Have a wonderful day!