Lady Iris Duchess

Lady Iris Duches

I found myself in a Flower Ballroom. At once my attention was caught by the most beautiful Lady Iris Duchess. She looked absolutely gracious in her adorable ruche dress. She looked so gracious, so calm and charming.  I was terrified in my heart, I gazed without shame, I felt ashamed at having been captivated so…

Three Duchesses

I could not believe when  I saw three of them…these were Grand Duchesses… they were dancing and showing their perfect shape to the sunlight, they knew they looked fantastic! I could not wait further and dared to ask them “where did you come from, ladies?” and they answered: “Greek”…

Greek, interesting…let’s check, indeed” The name iris is derived from the Greek word rainbow, reflecting both the showy nature of the iris and the multiple colors that the iris comes in.  (Iris also means “eye of heaven” and is the name for the colored part of the eye.)  In Greek mythology, Iris is the Goddess of the rainbow.  She was a messenger of the gods, a favorite of Hera, queen of the Gods, and wife of Zeus.  Iris had golden wings and traveled on the rainbow’s arc, carrying messages from the ancient gods to mankind.  Still today, Greeks plant irises on women’s graves as a way to summon Iris, in the belief that she will guide their souls to heaven”.  It is true, when I saw them I thought I am in heaven…so colorful one and so warm, I really do not know but I felt like sun shines brighter here and gentler even…don’t you feel?

Duchess in Blue

We do know Van Gogh adored Irises. His two iris paintings are among the most famous and valuable in the world.  I think I became lucky and saw “Him painting”….

Van Gog and his Irises

And what an amazing smell, it’s no wonder that Iris rhizome, also known as “orris root”, is used in the industry of perfumes and deodorants. 

But let’s get back to the Flower ballroom and look closer at their wonderful dresses that are so rich in colors and shapes…

Lady Duchess Dance

Purple Lady Duchess look very wisdom; Blue –  faithful. Yellow – passionate;   white – as innocent as brides.

Duchesses in Different Colors

Ladies Duchess enjoy dancing in their stunning ruched dresses. 

As in every ballroom you can see many couples, so my ballroom was no exception, I caught them almost at once. 

Magnificent Duchesses

They met in sunshine abreast of the garden. He held her hands and looked down at them, and she looked up at him with her candid and unseeing glance. It seemed to me they had come together as if guided to each other by a mysterious influence. They were a complete couple. She was indeed the siren to fascinate that dark navigator…Grand Duchess Anna and Duke Robert…but their moment of isolation was over and thousand of eyes simply stare at them, they wanted to share their moment, to steal it…

Lady Bright

During a second the ballroom was full of light, so powerful and bright, that it made your heart jump…It fills your mind with happy thoughts, and your soul with joy

Blue Irises

Stylish Duchesses encircled your mind with their sparkling images and made your imagination gallop, you can have million of various pictures that change every single second, you are hypnotized by their smell, you do not remember anything, you just enjoy this moment…

Sparkling Duchess

It is said that where flowers bloom so does hope…let us always hope and believe…

Ladies of Hope

However, our hopes can be blur and unclear…everything depends on our perception! So, let us always hope and believe in the best! 

Duchess in Zoom

22 thoughts on “Lady Iris Duchess

  1. Beautiful piece! I love irises. I had no idea about their name! I saw the Van Gough exhibition when it came to Australia and loved his delicate perception of the iris. (There is a typo when you wrote Van Gough. Only wanted to let you know so it doesn’t take away from this beautiful piece. I’m not one of those correcty people honest! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you very much, Belinda! I recognized my mistake and have corrected it already. But I would like to ask you whether it’s right to write Van Gough as you offered or Van Gogh as I found in INTERNET, which is correct? Thank you for your help, it’s very kind of you! I am glad you liked my pictures!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think it’s Vincent van Gogh, just checked on Wikipedia! lol! See that’s what happened when you try and correct people. I normally never do … but then I went and spelt it wrong! lol 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Ellen, I am so happy to hear your comment and so glad to know you really liked it. I felt the same when I saw them, maybe my photos are too modest and do not show their beauty in full! Thank you for visiting my blog, it’s such a pleasure to meet here so many nice people!


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