Carpathian Ukraine: life is difficult, breathe is easy (Introduction)

Carpathian Ukraine

It is thought that beyond Carpathians there is a different country with different people who speak differently. We do not fully understand them, however, we do envy their freedom spirit, which we are (people who live in Central and other parts of Ukraine) lack of. We feel ourselves as oxen, while they – more as mustangs, wild horses with their wild dances. It seems that Ukraine is the same and the only one for all of us, but we are so different. Sometimes we do not understand each other at all; often we even become enemies.  Our country undergoes some artificial dividing into Western and Eastern part, although it has been made on purpose, on Eastern Russian purpose, in order to control the whole country. It is a well-thought and successful step. Entire generations of Ukrainians carried it with them through years. Therefore when we found ourselves in the other part of our motherland, it seems we are abroad, however, that’s not exactly true.


Land is the same soft and warm there, it might be not so fecund due to specific mountain climate, but still our own and pleasant to touch. The sun is the same bright and blinding at daytime, only comes up later. Moreover, people are more friendly and kinder; they appreciate everything they have since their childhood. Nevertheless, there is one significant difference that possibly has some effect on all of us, only there I have an uncontrollable love towards my Motherland, only there I feel proud of being Ukrainian, exactly there I painfully would like to be free like a bird. A very known Ukrainian phrase “Slava Ukraini” (Glory to Ukraine) fills my eyes with tears, since I cannot say it aloud because I see young boys’ faces who died fighting for their country. I lose my Kiev balance, strings of my soul are about to break, and I want to be lost and stay between powerful Mountains forever. I would like to hide from political lies and manipulation with people, from ever-lasting fight with pricks of my conscience and adaptation to life, from fear of pessimistic future and foreboding of evil consequences of inconsequent behavior of Ukrainians. I can do it only there but only for a moment…

Road to the Mountains

Carpathian Ukraine is a little island of freedom for me that I need to visit every time I should clear my mind. Every time I am in Western Ukraine I always recall a book written by Miroslav Dochinets, very famous Ukrainian writer. This book impressed me so much that I can read it endlessly and still find something useful. The most impressive is the hero of the book Andriy Voron, who is a 104-years old man with a very bright life that made him a very wisdom man. I wish I could be as wisdom as he is, you can learn a lot from him. Maybe because of it I come back to Carpathians and always discover something new there.

Sunny Mountains

My story about Carpathian Ukraine I would like to divide into small parts, each of which is devoted to separate topic. So, if you do not mind, let’s go for a trip around Carpathian Ukraine…

Up to the Hills


4 thoughts on “Carpathian Ukraine: life is difficult, breathe is easy (Introduction)

  1. You can always surprise me! Nice and sad thoughts are about your country! You are very patriotic which is great! I like your posts, because as I am reading, feel myself in other world! Congratulations! And beautiful photos! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am glad to be different, thank you very much! I just wrote as I feel, sometimes it’s not easy to talk about my country, it’s quite painful, but it helps me to understand a lot of things as well!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Fabio, for your kind words! I just like my Motherland as it is, maybe I do sound sometimes too patriotic, but that’s how I feel. I just like my land and nature, which is very beautiful, and I do care about people which are very different, but very kind and hard-working as well.


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