Unknown Flowerworld

Welcome to my Flowerworld!


I am setting out for an amazing trip to Flowerworld. I have never thought that there is such a big variety of flowers, they are all of various shapes and colors. They do have different appearance and features. Some of them can be hardly noticed because they are very small and usually hide between bushes or under big trees. I should confess that I even do not know how they are called, but their unique natural beauty made me stop and made captures…


This slim lady did not give me a chance to stay indifferent. She looks like a real angle, so I called her my Floangle. Pure, innocent and gracious…


This man is very famous, we all know Its Majesty Dandelion.  Don’t you think that he looks a bit like a lion’s tooth…nope, but this is exactly what its name means from French “dent de lion”. Aren’t you surprised, me too! I found out that another its name is  “swine snort”, unbelievable. I have never heard how swines snort, but maybe there is a big similarity, I should check!

Dandelions are high in calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C. I heard that you can cook a delicious and healthy jam from them. I had no idea, but dandelion roots can also be used to make beer, you can check in net some receipts. You can enjoy a complete meal, from salad greens to dandelion quiche, followed by dandelion ice cream, washed down with dandelion wine. WOW!


Honestly, I do not know the name of these cutes, but they look so bright.  They like to be in a company, which means they are quite sociable. Let’s have some chat and maybe I can find out their secrets…


If you suffer from a lack of sun, then this flower can really make you life sunnier.  It looks like a leopard’s-bane, but I can be mistaken. I am not a flower expert and very lack of enough knowledge, however, I am a visualist, I just look at them and should make a shot. This flower is a pure sunshine, it makes me warm from inside and you?

Little Sinderellas

And what do you think about these Cinderellas…aren’t they charming? It seems for me that they are baby dolls, who should be carefully and gentle played with!


Although I do not know what kind of flowers they are,  I am very impressed by their difference. It seems as every flower is not the same, they are like people. Until you come to it closer, it looks like a stranger for you.


But when you are in closer contact with any of the flower, you can try to get to know them better. The same with people, we are strangers to each other until we have a chance to peep into somebody else life. Every life is a mystery for us, sometimes we are not so eager to solve its mystery, at the same time, we are curious about everything what is around us.


It’s right to accept everyone as he\she is. We should not try to change anyone, since you cannot make this flower look even more beautiful. Nature creates this world and it does its best, then why we should change anything. Every flower is interesting in its own way as well as every human being.

Painted Bush

Nevertheless, we wouldn’t like to accept this world as it is. We have a special itch to change almost everything. We are always unsatisfied with everything we see around. I do not know why…


Indeed, some things are in need to be improved, but not everything. Nature is the best ever known creator, well, sometimes it has a good sense of humor so do we are, don’t you think so?


I do not know why but studying flowers makes me understand this world better. Especially it helps when you need to find your balance which can be unstable. It’s good to feel yourself in harmony with everything, with people and nature. It’s good to be in a nice mood and be able to feel happy. It’s good to learn enjoy every little thing you have in your life, I know it’s extremely difficult, but we have to work on it. Life is so bright when we can enjoy it.


Maybe you think that I talk about banal things, i can agree with you. Many of you know how to evaluate your life and you do it pretty well, but something tells me that not everyone. The more I look at this world, the less I like it. I do see many lies, catastrophes, wars and other sad things. Haven’t you thought that these are the results of our not right attitude towards life? We hardly know how to be happy just because we woke up today and can see the sun…or feel ourselves enough good to cook a breakfast and go out for a walk with children or friends. How amazing it is when you walk in the forest, hear bird songs and smell different aromas. And the most fantastic is to be able to feel, when your soul is filled with various sensitive emotions, it’s good to cry or laugh, it’s absolutely astonishing to feel love or passion…


Everything is possible when you are able to enjoy…almost everything what is around…nice pictures or film makes me fee like that, for me that’s one of the most unbelievable emotions! And for you, what makes you feel like that? I will be happy to hear your thoughts…don’t be ashamed!


18 thoughts on “Unknown Flowerworld

    1. I am truly happy to hear you like my thoughts and photos, that’s exactly how I feel! You are too kind as well, thank you very much for visiting my page. I think I mentioned things we all know very well!
      You too take care and have a wonderful and magically positive week!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are very sweet, Fabio! I also wish you only very happy and pleasant days! In fact, here is a real summer right now, very hot! You too take care!


  1. Your pictures are so beautiful, so appeasing, you have a special gift to share your love for nature. Thanks so much dear, I am so happy to follow your blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Estelea, your nice comments are like a wonderful song for my ears, I am happy only if people around me are also happy. The most exciting for me is when somebody enjoys something what I can share with, honestly. You are too kind as well, I do nothing special, just share what I see. However, I am absolutely happy if you liked it, that’s my purpose. Thank you very much for your compliments, I do like your blog also very much, your posts are always so bright and so well-written, you use words in such a manner that you feel hungry for continuation.

      Liked by 1 person

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