Lilac Moment

Touch of Lilac

Hello! How are you doing? Any news?

It’s been long since I wrote my last post. I was on a small vacation, had no time to share with you any of my deep thoughts.  I was on a hiking vacation.  I decided to go in high mountains to please you with special shots. Believe me it’s not that easy, but I did it and very eager to share my small masterpieces with you.  But not now! I offer you to visit special perfume garden where you can smell LILAC…

City Through Lilac

It’s high time to enjoy intoxicating lilac odors. Are you ready to explore a stunning world of blooming lilacs? Then let’s go!

Lost in Lilac Bushes

Until you click on my pictures and imagine you walking between these splendid bushes of lilac, I will try to gather some interesting information on them.

 Syringa Circle

Did you know that another name of lilac is Syringa. I found an interesting legend devoted to it.  The most famous legend about the lilac originated in ancient Greece. It says Pan, god of the forests, and the beautiful nymph Syringa met and he was immediately enchanted by her beauty and grace. He found the courage to speak to her, but she was frightened and ran away. Pan pursued her, she hided from him in a pretty bush. This bush called the God of Syringa, the Latin name for lilac. Pan was so upset about the loss that he decided to do eternally good. Interesting, isn’t it?

 Innocent Syringa

Lilac flowers symbolize first love, innocence and purity. A bouquet of lilacs as a gift is a sign of love and affection.

Lilac Unity

I had no idea that a lilac bush can live for hundreds of years. It might be good if human life can be in average the same. I don’t know why but not too many people can reach such an age, it’s very rear nowadays. You are lucky if you can feel yourself somehow at the age of 70, what to talk about 100. I noticed the expression on your face, yep, let’s change the topic, too depressive. When we look at these beautiful flowers, we are not allowed to have any sad thoughts.

Open Syringa, Close Syringa

In my country Syringa starts to bloom before 9th of May and people are waiting for this moment very much. This is a smell holiday for our noses, it makes your nostrils dance in a joyful pleasure.  So, do not forget to clean your nose till it shines before going out.

Count the Flower

If such exists then it can be called Odor Paradise. Sweet smell invades your nose and your brain. It   affects the working of your brain in a powerful and positive way and helps you to relax. Your one of the first wishes will be to find a soft place under one of such bushes and stay here for some time. I have never seen so many people lying under trees as in the lilac garden…it seems that they were poisoned by a very powerful toxic substance. Maybe it was, indeed! I hardly was able to keep myself from landing on the green bed. Uh, i envied those people who had an unrestricted lunch hours or perhaps they just decided to miss their working day and be ill under lilac bushes, good trick!

Capricious Bloom

Lilac doesn’t flower at once. You can find many flowers on a bush that are lazy to open at once. There are somebody who is faster and somebody who is slower. Analogy can be found in life, there are people who do not like to be in a rush and always do everything very slowly, they are not in a hurry even when they are in late for plane or train. While the others are in a constant rush, they quickly eat and make quick decisions, they cant stand writing long emails and wait for something in a long queue. They need everything and at once.

White-and-Pink Lilac

Here you can have your own lilac moment. It can be of various forms. For somebody it is a way to spend lunchtime, while for the others – spend most of the day not at home, for example, pensioners. You can meet lots of them here. I do not eavesdrop, however, sometimes my ears catch some echos of old ladies conversations. Topics of their chats can be very surprising. You will never guess!

Gorgeous Syringa

While ladies recalling their love affairs, children are playing and hiding between bushes. Parents do not pay them enough attention, they usually talk on phone or to each other.

Lady in Red

People enjoy this beauty, but at the same time their thoughts are far away. Somebody makes  serious decisions, others just make up a list of products to buy in a shop. Doing all routine things makes us forget that the moment is just a few seconds  that we need to catch  quickly and hold tightly with both hands. This moment will never come back, so we have to enjoy it to the max.

Between Syringa

Lilac moment doesn’t last long either, unfortunately! I was lucky to catch my lilac moment and you?

White Generosity

If not, then I would like to share with you my lilac moment…I know that my modest pictures won’t be able to show its beauty in the full, but maybe they will make your day a bit brighter.

Colorful Boom

With my camera in hands I am standing here and looking at this wealth of colors. Only nature can paint such consummate pictures!

Red in Blue

I know that many writers and poet were also inspired by lilac, so I decided to dig out a bit and found interesting parts.  “The wind shook some blossoms from the trees, and the heavy lilac blooms, with their clustering stars, moved to and fro in the languid air. A grasshopper began to chirp by the wall, and like a blue thread a long, thin dragonfly floated past on its brown gauze wings. Lord Henry felt as if he could hear Basil Hallward’s heart beating, and wondered what was coming.” (Oscar Wilde, “The Picture of Dorian Gray”)

Colorful Explosion

My lilac trees are old and tall

I cannot reach their bloom at all.

They send their perfume over trees

And roof and streets,

to find the bees.(Louise Driscoll)

Playful SyringaLilac Touch

Coming through my delicate skin

Lilac Smell

Causing my body tremble within

Lilac Moment

Please do not pass so quick

Let me make my marvelous photo click (AnRo)

Gentle Syringa


11 thoughts on “Lilac Moment

  1. Wonderful pictures and post! A great summary about lilac and even more! Nice toughts and nice poems! Congratulations! In my country Lilac is blooming at the beginning of May, exactly for Mom’s Day! So we usually greet Mom with Lilac! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have found the place for the comment, LOL! Wonderful photos of flowers!!! Loved also the roof of the church shown on one of the pictures! Best to you and keep writing the way you are doing. Thank you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Fabio! I am very happy you liked my post, I was writing it and smiling, it made me feel very right! And i am even happier if I can get such nice comments! It’s the best reward for me! I like when people enjoy this life!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello, you take lovely photos, and put a lot of thought, and interesting information in your writing. My favourite time of year, in my garden, is when the lilacs are in bloom. Their fragrance fills the space, and it makes me happy. It’s lovely to see this lilac garden too. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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