My Botanical Garden

Sunlight Between Trees

Today I prepared for you, my dear Reader, a very special post. I would like to bring you behind my photo backstage. Every artist has its own secret place that inspires him/her. This place belongs to the artist and his/her muse, it’s their meeting place. I am ready to show you mine.  Let’s have a wonderful trip to my small Paradise.

First of all, may I introduce you one of my little friends: small baby squirrel. This is a newly-born young squirrel who lives in the Garden. She is not the only one there. Sometimes when you walk you can meet up to 3 or 4 squirrels at once. They are in constant search for nuts, so don’t walk with empty pockets, bring them something delicious.


In the territory of M. M. Gryshko National Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine you can find not only forests and flowers, but also churches.  For example, historic Vydubychi Monastery and Trinity Monastery of St Jonas, which are located within the grounds of the gardens. The Vydubychi Monastery was built by Vsevolod, the son of Yaroslav the Wise, in 1077 and has withstood the test of time remarkably well. 

Church in the Garden

This Garden was founded in 1935, can you imagine? It covers an area of 1.3 square kilometers, the Garden features more than 13,000 species of plants from around the world. Honestly, I had not enough time to explore the whole territory, it’s just impossible. Thus I won’t be able to show you everything, only that parts where I usually walk.

Branch of White

The Garden is divided into floristic complexes, such as Ukrainian Carpathians, Plains of Ukraine, Crimea, Caucasus, Central Asia, Altai and Western Siberia, Far East. In every zone plants typical for particular region can be found.

Colorful Path

There are a lot of steep paths and roads, which bring you up and down.

Flower Bush

A lot of people, including scientists, work here every day to let us see this beauty. Every day workers of this Garden spend several hours under direct sunlight to prepare these fantastic nature plots. Believe me their salaries are not so high as in EU, but they do their work with passion to nature. Local designers help them to establish the scene.

Funny Bushes

Bushes are cut, flowers are planted. Just come and enjoy them! Well, not for free, surely. It is necessary to serve such a huge territory and since it belongs to country, you may imagine how much money is given from the budget. The only income is from visitors.

Garden Entrance

However, visitors have to be kept under some control. Many likes posing and standing on flower beds, which is unacceptable. Visitors should remember that planting and care of these marvelous flowers takes a lot of somebody’s energy and health. So, let’s be kind and attentive. Even the best shot is not worth of it.

Forest Sunlight

You can also come across some wild forests with a wide variety of trees. Smell is intoxicating. Five minutes walk from the city and you are in a real forest, isn’t it awesome? When I walk between trees I feel that I am out of Kiev, very far. Your senses refuse to accept reality.

Garden Fragment

This Garden is also a perfect place for wedding shots. Almost every day I can see lovely couples who pose in front of their professional photographers’ cameras. Trust me, you will have adorable wedding pictures, so if somebody  hears wedding bells, then do not hesitate, here you will find most fabulous backgrounds. For example, this bridge for passionate kisses. How do you like it? There is even a nice wooden statue symbolizing endless love.

Green Bridge

May Bridge

My favorite place is somewhere between trees. At once during snowy and stormy weather I found a nice shelter under these trees. I felt myself so small compared to them. They gave me to feel their power. Hugging trees gives me a vital positive energy.

Green Hole

Just look at this funny tree, I don’t know why but It looks like a hairstyle for me. Somebody woke up and looked at the mirror. Maybe previous night was quite hot!


There are a lot of small wooden summerhouses where you can relax or take a snap, everything is for your comfort.  I often see people siting in these houses and reading a book or a newspaper. It can serve as your place for some private little enjoyments.

House in Bushes

In this Garden you can find almost all kind of flowers. Every season has its own bloom species. Ever the most fastidious taste can be satisfied.

Open Tulips

One of my previous posts was devoted to tulips, but I still cannot have enough of them. I continue making pictures of them because they are too beautiful. Colors are dazzlingly bright.

Pair of Tulips

We should always remember that growing tulips takes quite a time. Tulips are sold as bulbs because the seeds themselves take many years to produce flowers – usually at least five. When growers are creating a new variety of tulip, the process takes even longer.

Tulip Bee
Tulip Queen
As I mentioned above, Garden consists of several parts, each one has its own peculiar plants. This photo makes me believe that I am somewhere in Asia or Japan now, although I have never been there.
    Picture I Painted
Yellow Bush
A lot of people visit this Garden almost every day. I have already noticed its regular visitors. They usually walk the same lovely paths, so you can definitely see familiar faces. Couples may find many places to skip away. It’s a good place to play “hide and seek”, but be careful not to be lost.
Walking under Sun
If you visit this Garden in May. you will have an amazing opportunity to see and smell lilac blooming. It’s almost the same as being in the most exquisite French perfume shop. Smells are incredibly delicious, so even you may feel hungry and decide to lay down under one of lilac bushes and have a picnic.
Ready to Bloom
I will try to share with you more lilac pictures in my next post, since it needs more space.
Finally, everything I share with you about my Garden is pure truth. I tried to show you my sweet little world that inspires me greatly.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. However, my pictures (as great as they can be) cannot show you everything, I advise you to come and visit it on your own. Believe me you won’t regret. As it is said “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

12 thoughts on “My Botanical Garden

    1. Indeed, it is. You will like it, I am sure. Even when it’s raining here, you feel a romantic atmosphere. A lot of artists come here and paint their masterpieces, you can meet them here very often!


      1. I can totally relate! As much as we love our expatriation in the Philippines, the nature, the flowers (your pic of flowers are incredibly beautiful btw, in other posts as well), the green is what we are most missing. Your post was like a perfume from home 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh, you have a poetic nature. We do exchange different waves of nature. The place where you live now is truly exotic and surely one of the most amazing. Through your posts I can feel ocean breaths and it’s incredible… A piece of my native greenland is not so colorful and exotic, but nice in its own way. I have been in France once, I liked this country very much. Glad I can remind you of such a beautiful place, this means I did my job well!

        Liked by 1 person

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