Anna Means …

Did you recognize that many romantic heroines’ name is Anna? For example, Anna Karenina, Anna and the King, Queen Anna, Anna Rivera (Gallery Velvet), and Anna (Frozen). You may argue with me that the amount of examples is not that impressive. However, I still hold my opinion that Anna is one of the most romantic and frequently used names. Anna lives in every part of the world. You can easily meet Anna in Germany or France, Sweden or Netherlands, USA or UK. It became so popular that you can hardly avoid meeting Anna. There are different variations of this name, but meaning is always the same: sweet and charming girl.

Moreover, what is exactly behind this popular name, let’s obtain a deeper inside into its meaning. The name Anna is probably the Greek version of the Hebrew name Hannah. Both come from the common Hebrew verb (hanan), meaning to be gracious or to be compassionate. Saint Anne was traditionally the name of the mother of the Virgin Mary, which accounts for its wide use and popularity among Christians. A direct translation of this name from ancient Greek is God’s Grace. Meaning of this name is already “blessed by Lord”, no wonder that it is so commonly used in literature. Anna can be only a positive heroine. Nobody can expect that Anna can be an evil witch. NO! Such image does not appear in my head and yours?

To tell the truth, Anna has a very sensitive nature. If you ever met any girl with such a name, you cannot disagree that all Annas are very creative (not to mention the author of this post). Anna is kind and thoughtful, at the same time; she is governed more by her emotions rather than by logic or reason. Her dreamy nature can easily lead her into love affairs. Indeed, I noticed how easily Anna can be impressed with the slightest thing. She can develop a real story from tiny detail. Sometimes her imagination goes beyond the reality. She likes wearing “pink glasses”. Nevertheless, Anna can be responsible and very serious in making any decision. One of her drawback is that she likes looking for justice. Her desire for justice at any price can bring her into confrontation with beloved. She can be not enough patient or stubborn. Anna likes dreaming of … almost everything and surely of her Prince. Girls with such name idealize their chosen ones and would like to have them to be perfect. It is every indication that Anna is a passionate person who will make you to be always on guard. These women never let you relax, but you know very well that you cannot live without them.

In conclusion, every name is unique and deserves to be spoken of. I do not advertise anything and do not diminish the importance of every name. All I wanted is to get to know why this name is so frequently used to describe famous characters. It is obvious for me now; this name is so controversial that it can suit many personages, from the thoughtful and serious to capricious and adventurous.

P.S. I tried to be very unbiassed!


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