Lady Iris Duchess

Lady Iris Duches

I found myself in a Flower Ballroom. At once my attention was caught by the most beautiful Lady Iris Duchess. She looked absolutely gracious in her adorable ruche dress. She looked so gracious, so calm and charming.  I was terrified in my heart, I gazed without shame, I felt ashamed at having been captivated so…

Three Duchesses

I could not believe when  I saw three of them…these were Grand Duchesses… they were dancing and showing their perfect shape to the sunlight, they knew they looked fantastic! I could not wait further and dared to ask them “where did you come from, ladies?” and they answered: “Greek”…

Greek, interesting…let’s check, indeed” The name iris is derived from the Greek word rainbow, reflecting both the showy nature of the iris and the multiple colors that the iris comes in.  (Iris also means “eye of heaven” and is the name for the colored part of the eye.)  In Greek mythology, Iris is the Goddess of the rainbow.  She was a messenger of the gods, a favorite of Hera, queen of the Gods, and wife of Zeus.  Iris had golden wings and traveled on the rainbow’s arc, carrying messages from the ancient gods to mankind.  Still today, Greeks plant irises on women’s graves as a way to summon Iris, in the belief that she will guide their souls to heaven”.  It is true, when I saw them I thought I am in heaven…so colorful one and so warm, I really do not know but I felt like sun shines brighter here and gentler even…don’t you feel?

Duchess in Blue

We do know Van Gogh adored Irises. His two iris paintings are among the most famous and valuable in the world.  I think I became lucky and saw “Him painting”….

Van Gog and his Irises

And what an amazing smell, it’s no wonder that Iris rhizome, also known as “orris root”, is used in the industry of perfumes and deodorants. 

But let’s get back to the Flower ballroom and look closer at their wonderful dresses that are so rich in colors and shapes…

Lady Duchess Dance

Purple Lady Duchess look very wisdom; Blue –  faithful. Yellow – passionate;   white – as innocent as brides.

Duchesses in Different Colors

Ladies Duchess enjoy dancing in their stunning ruched dresses. 

As in every ballroom you can see many couples, so my ballroom was no exception, I caught them almost at once. 

Magnificent Duchesses

They met in sunshine abreast of the garden. He held her hands and looked down at them, and she looked up at him with her candid and unseeing glance. It seemed to me they had come together as if guided to each other by a mysterious influence. They were a complete couple. She was indeed the siren to fascinate that dark navigator…Grand Duchess Anna and Duke Robert…but their moment of isolation was over and thousand of eyes simply stare at them, they wanted to share their moment, to steal it…

Lady Bright

During a second the ballroom was full of light, so powerful and bright, that it made your heart jump…It fills your mind with happy thoughts, and your soul with joy

Blue Irises

Stylish Duchesses encircled your mind with their sparkling images and made your imagination gallop, you can have million of various pictures that change every single second, you are hypnotized by their smell, you do not remember anything, you just enjoy this moment…

Sparkling Duchess

It is said that where flowers bloom so does hope…let us always hope and believe…

Ladies of Hope

However, our hopes can be blur and unclear…everything depends on our perception! So, let us always hope and believe in the best! 

Duchess in Zoom

Carpathian Ukraine: life is difficult, breathe is easy (Introduction)

Carpathian Ukraine

It is thought that beyond Carpathians there is a different country with different people who speak differently. We do not fully understand them, however, we do envy their freedom spirit, which we are (people who live in Central and other parts of Ukraine) lack of. We feel ourselves as oxen, while they – more as mustangs, wild horses with their wild dances. It seems that Ukraine is the same and the only one for all of us, but we are so different. Sometimes we do not understand each other at all; often we even become enemies.  Our country undergoes some artificial dividing into Western and Eastern part, although it has been made on purpose, on Eastern Russian purpose, in order to control the whole country. It is a well-thought and successful step. Entire generations of Ukrainians carried it with them through years. Therefore when we found ourselves in the other part of our motherland, it seems we are abroad, however, that’s not exactly true.


Land is the same soft and warm there, it might be not so fecund due to specific mountain climate, but still our own and pleasant to touch. The sun is the same bright and blinding at daytime, only comes up later. Moreover, people are more friendly and kinder; they appreciate everything they have since their childhood. Nevertheless, there is one significant difference that possibly has some effect on all of us, only there I have an uncontrollable love towards my Motherland, only there I feel proud of being Ukrainian, exactly there I painfully would like to be free like a bird. A very known Ukrainian phrase “Slava Ukraini” (Glory to Ukraine) fills my eyes with tears, since I cannot say it aloud because I see young boys’ faces who died fighting for their country. I lose my Kiev balance, strings of my soul are about to break, and I want to be lost and stay between powerful Mountains forever. I would like to hide from political lies and manipulation with people, from ever-lasting fight with pricks of my conscience and adaptation to life, from fear of pessimistic future and foreboding of evil consequences of inconsequent behavior of Ukrainians. I can do it only there but only for a moment…

Road to the Mountains

Carpathian Ukraine is a little island of freedom for me that I need to visit every time I should clear my mind. Every time I am in Western Ukraine I always recall a book written by Miroslav Dochinets, very famous Ukrainian writer. This book impressed me so much that I can read it endlessly and still find something useful. The most impressive is the hero of the book Andriy Voron, who is a 104-years old man with a very bright life that made him a very wisdom man. I wish I could be as wisdom as he is, you can learn a lot from him. Maybe because of it I come back to Carpathians and always discover something new there.

Sunny Mountains

My story about Carpathian Ukraine I would like to divide into small parts, each of which is devoted to separate topic. So, if you do not mind, let’s go for a trip around Carpathian Ukraine…

Up to the Hills

Unknown Flowerworld

Welcome to my Flowerworld!


I am setting out for an amazing trip to Flowerworld. I have never thought that there is such a big variety of flowers, they are all of various shapes and colors. They do have different appearance and features. Some of them can be hardly noticed because they are very small and usually hide between bushes or under big trees. I should confess that I even do not know how they are called, but their unique natural beauty made me stop and made captures…


This slim lady did not give me a chance to stay indifferent. She looks like a real angle, so I called her my Floangle. Pure, innocent and gracious…


This man is very famous, we all know Its Majesty Dandelion.  Don’t you think that he looks a bit like a lion’s tooth…nope, but this is exactly what its name means from French “dent de lion”. Aren’t you surprised, me too! I found out that another its name is  “swine snort”, unbelievable. I have never heard how swines snort, but maybe there is a big similarity, I should check!

Dandelions are high in calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C. I heard that you can cook a delicious and healthy jam from them. I had no idea, but dandelion roots can also be used to make beer, you can check in net some receipts. You can enjoy a complete meal, from salad greens to dandelion quiche, followed by dandelion ice cream, washed down with dandelion wine. WOW!


Honestly, I do not know the name of these cutes, but they look so bright.  They like to be in a company, which means they are quite sociable. Let’s have some chat and maybe I can find out their secrets…


If you suffer from a lack of sun, then this flower can really make you life sunnier.  It looks like a leopard’s-bane, but I can be mistaken. I am not a flower expert and very lack of enough knowledge, however, I am a visualist, I just look at them and should make a shot. This flower is a pure sunshine, it makes me warm from inside and you?

Little Sinderellas

And what do you think about these Cinderellas…aren’t they charming? It seems for me that they are baby dolls, who should be carefully and gentle played with!


Although I do not know what kind of flowers they are,  I am very impressed by their difference. It seems as every flower is not the same, they are like people. Until you come to it closer, it looks like a stranger for you.


But when you are in closer contact with any of the flower, you can try to get to know them better. The same with people, we are strangers to each other until we have a chance to peep into somebody else life. Every life is a mystery for us, sometimes we are not so eager to solve its mystery, at the same time, we are curious about everything what is around us.


It’s right to accept everyone as he\she is. We should not try to change anyone, since you cannot make this flower look even more beautiful. Nature creates this world and it does its best, then why we should change anything. Every flower is interesting in its own way as well as every human being.

Painted Bush

Nevertheless, we wouldn’t like to accept this world as it is. We have a special itch to change almost everything. We are always unsatisfied with everything we see around. I do not know why…


Indeed, some things are in need to be improved, but not everything. Nature is the best ever known creator, well, sometimes it has a good sense of humor so do we are, don’t you think so?


I do not know why but studying flowers makes me understand this world better. Especially it helps when you need to find your balance which can be unstable. It’s good to feel yourself in harmony with everything, with people and nature. It’s good to be in a nice mood and be able to feel happy. It’s good to learn enjoy every little thing you have in your life, I know it’s extremely difficult, but we have to work on it. Life is so bright when we can enjoy it.


Maybe you think that I talk about banal things, i can agree with you. Many of you know how to evaluate your life and you do it pretty well, but something tells me that not everyone. The more I look at this world, the less I like it. I do see many lies, catastrophes, wars and other sad things. Haven’t you thought that these are the results of our not right attitude towards life? We hardly know how to be happy just because we woke up today and can see the sun…or feel ourselves enough good to cook a breakfast and go out for a walk with children or friends. How amazing it is when you walk in the forest, hear bird songs and smell different aromas. And the most fantastic is to be able to feel, when your soul is filled with various sensitive emotions, it’s good to cry or laugh, it’s absolutely astonishing to feel love or passion…


Everything is possible when you are able to enjoy…almost everything what is around…nice pictures or film makes me fee like that, for me that’s one of the most unbelievable emotions! And for you, what makes you feel like that? I will be happy to hear your thoughts…don’t be ashamed!

No Photos Today, Just a Poem Written on my Way

I wish Ukraine

could be called EU UA.

I wish our rail and automotive road

can be as in Europe.

I wish our standard of life

can just be a little high.

I wish I could see more often

beaming Ukrainians’ smile.

I wish I could witness

stop corruption and less crime.

I wish everybody who is guilty

no matter of title and relative sign

can be equal in everybody’s mind.

I wish my Utopian Ukraine became alive.

I have no strength to see how young boys die

and their mothers silently cry.

I wish we could receive a chance

never meet Eastern or Western demanding glance…

P.S. Sorry my dear Reader, today I am in a poetic mood. I know that I am a pure amateur, but I tried to practice a bit. Topic is very difficult and unclear for many of you, but that’s what I feel. Hope I didn’t disappoint you! Have a nice Friday!

Lilac Moment

Touch of Lilac

Hello! How are you doing? Any news?

It’s been long since I wrote my last post. I was on a small vacation, had no time to share with you any of my deep thoughts.  I was on a hiking vacation.  I decided to go in high mountains to please you with special shots. Believe me it’s not that easy, but I did it and very eager to share my small masterpieces with you.  But not now! I offer you to visit special perfume garden where you can smell LILAC…

City Through Lilac

It’s high time to enjoy intoxicating lilac odors. Are you ready to explore a stunning world of blooming lilacs? Then let’s go!

Lost in Lilac Bushes

Until you click on my pictures and imagine you walking between these splendid bushes of lilac, I will try to gather some interesting information on them.

 Syringa Circle

Did you know that another name of lilac is Syringa. I found an interesting legend devoted to it.  The most famous legend about the lilac originated in ancient Greece. It says Pan, god of the forests, and the beautiful nymph Syringa met and he was immediately enchanted by her beauty and grace. He found the courage to speak to her, but she was frightened and ran away. Pan pursued her, she hided from him in a pretty bush. This bush called the God of Syringa, the Latin name for lilac. Pan was so upset about the loss that he decided to do eternally good. Interesting, isn’t it?

 Innocent Syringa

Lilac flowers symbolize first love, innocence and purity. A bouquet of lilacs as a gift is a sign of love and affection.

Lilac Unity

I had no idea that a lilac bush can live for hundreds of years. It might be good if human life can be in average the same. I don’t know why but not too many people can reach such an age, it’s very rear nowadays. You are lucky if you can feel yourself somehow at the age of 70, what to talk about 100. I noticed the expression on your face, yep, let’s change the topic, too depressive. When we look at these beautiful flowers, we are not allowed to have any sad thoughts.

Open Syringa, Close Syringa

In my country Syringa starts to bloom before 9th of May and people are waiting for this moment very much. This is a smell holiday for our noses, it makes your nostrils dance in a joyful pleasure.  So, do not forget to clean your nose till it shines before going out.

Count the Flower

If such exists then it can be called Odor Paradise. Sweet smell invades your nose and your brain. It   affects the working of your brain in a powerful and positive way and helps you to relax. Your one of the first wishes will be to find a soft place under one of such bushes and stay here for some time. I have never seen so many people lying under trees as in the lilac garden…it seems that they were poisoned by a very powerful toxic substance. Maybe it was, indeed! I hardly was able to keep myself from landing on the green bed. Uh, i envied those people who had an unrestricted lunch hours or perhaps they just decided to miss their working day and be ill under lilac bushes, good trick!

Capricious Bloom

Lilac doesn’t flower at once. You can find many flowers on a bush that are lazy to open at once. There are somebody who is faster and somebody who is slower. Analogy can be found in life, there are people who do not like to be in a rush and always do everything very slowly, they are not in a hurry even when they are in late for plane or train. While the others are in a constant rush, they quickly eat and make quick decisions, they cant stand writing long emails and wait for something in a long queue. They need everything and at once.

White-and-Pink Lilac

Here you can have your own lilac moment. It can be of various forms. For somebody it is a way to spend lunchtime, while for the others – spend most of the day not at home, for example, pensioners. You can meet lots of them here. I do not eavesdrop, however, sometimes my ears catch some echos of old ladies conversations. Topics of their chats can be very surprising. You will never guess!

Gorgeous Syringa

While ladies recalling their love affairs, children are playing and hiding between bushes. Parents do not pay them enough attention, they usually talk on phone or to each other.

Lady in Red

People enjoy this beauty, but at the same time their thoughts are far away. Somebody makes  serious decisions, others just make up a list of products to buy in a shop. Doing all routine things makes us forget that the moment is just a few seconds  that we need to catch  quickly and hold tightly with both hands. This moment will never come back, so we have to enjoy it to the max.

Between Syringa

Lilac moment doesn’t last long either, unfortunately! I was lucky to catch my lilac moment and you?

White Generosity

If not, then I would like to share with you my lilac moment…I know that my modest pictures won’t be able to show its beauty in the full, but maybe they will make your day a bit brighter.

Colorful Boom

With my camera in hands I am standing here and looking at this wealth of colors. Only nature can paint such consummate pictures!

Red in Blue

I know that many writers and poet were also inspired by lilac, so I decided to dig out a bit and found interesting parts.  “The wind shook some blossoms from the trees, and the heavy lilac blooms, with their clustering stars, moved to and fro in the languid air. A grasshopper began to chirp by the wall, and like a blue thread a long, thin dragonfly floated past on its brown gauze wings. Lord Henry felt as if he could hear Basil Hallward’s heart beating, and wondered what was coming.” (Oscar Wilde, “The Picture of Dorian Gray”)

Colorful Explosion

My lilac trees are old and tall

I cannot reach their bloom at all.

They send their perfume over trees

And roof and streets,

to find the bees.(Louise Driscoll)

Playful SyringaLilac Touch

Coming through my delicate skin

Lilac Smell

Causing my body tremble within

Lilac Moment

Please do not pass so quick

Let me make my marvelous photo click (AnRo)

Gentle Syringa

1939-1945 – 2014-20… (Devoted to the Victory Day)


Seventy years between two wars
Seventy seasons between two lives
Funeral picture is in my mind
Painful story burns kindness inside
Tears are stuck, words silently die
Grandson is killed, Grandpa survived
Two generations left them behind
Military heart fighting in cry
Friend’s brave hand stopped the heart
Of his only Grandson…

P.S. Poem is based on true story and is devoted to everybody who put their lives in the Second World War and in the Russian-Ukrainian War, which is not ended yet. Eternal Memory! We do remember!

My Botanical Garden

Sunlight Between Trees

Today I prepared for you, my dear Reader, a very special post. I would like to bring you behind my photo backstage. Every artist has its own secret place that inspires him/her. This place belongs to the artist and his/her muse, it’s their meeting place. I am ready to show you mine.  Let’s have a wonderful trip to my small Paradise.

First of all, may I introduce you one of my little friends: small baby squirrel. This is a newly-born young squirrel who lives in the Garden. She is not the only one there. Sometimes when you walk you can meet up to 3 or 4 squirrels at once. They are in constant search for nuts, so don’t walk with empty pockets, bring them something delicious.


In the territory of M. M. Gryshko National Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine you can find not only forests and flowers, but also churches.  For example, historic Vydubychi Monastery and Trinity Monastery of St Jonas, which are located within the grounds of the gardens. The Vydubychi Monastery was built by Vsevolod, the son of Yaroslav the Wise, in 1077 and has withstood the test of time remarkably well. 

Church in the Garden

This Garden was founded in 1935, can you imagine? It covers an area of 1.3 square kilometers, the Garden features more than 13,000 species of plants from around the world. Honestly, I had not enough time to explore the whole territory, it’s just impossible. Thus I won’t be able to show you everything, only that parts where I usually walk.

Branch of White

The Garden is divided into floristic complexes, such as Ukrainian Carpathians, Plains of Ukraine, Crimea, Caucasus, Central Asia, Altai and Western Siberia, Far East. In every zone plants typical for particular region can be found.

Colorful Path

There are a lot of steep paths and roads, which bring you up and down.

Flower Bush

A lot of people, including scientists, work here every day to let us see this beauty. Every day workers of this Garden spend several hours under direct sunlight to prepare these fantastic nature plots. Believe me their salaries are not so high as in EU, but they do their work with passion to nature. Local designers help them to establish the scene.

Funny Bushes

Bushes are cut, flowers are planted. Just come and enjoy them! Well, not for free, surely. It is necessary to serve such a huge territory and since it belongs to country, you may imagine how much money is given from the budget. The only income is from visitors.

Garden Entrance

However, visitors have to be kept under some control. Many likes posing and standing on flower beds, which is unacceptable. Visitors should remember that planting and care of these marvelous flowers takes a lot of somebody’s energy and health. So, let’s be kind and attentive. Even the best shot is not worth of it.

Forest Sunlight

You can also come across some wild forests with a wide variety of trees. Smell is intoxicating. Five minutes walk from the city and you are in a real forest, isn’t it awesome? When I walk between trees I feel that I am out of Kiev, very far. Your senses refuse to accept reality.

Garden Fragment

This Garden is also a perfect place for wedding shots. Almost every day I can see lovely couples who pose in front of their professional photographers’ cameras. Trust me, you will have adorable wedding pictures, so if somebody  hears wedding bells, then do not hesitate, here you will find most fabulous backgrounds. For example, this bridge for passionate kisses. How do you like it? There is even a nice wooden statue symbolizing endless love.

Green Bridge

May Bridge

My favorite place is somewhere between trees. At once during snowy and stormy weather I found a nice shelter under these trees. I felt myself so small compared to them. They gave me to feel their power. Hugging trees gives me a vital positive energy.

Green Hole

Just look at this funny tree, I don’t know why but It looks like a hairstyle for me. Somebody woke up and looked at the mirror. Maybe previous night was quite hot!


There are a lot of small wooden summerhouses where you can relax or take a snap, everything is for your comfort.  I often see people siting in these houses and reading a book or a newspaper. It can serve as your place for some private little enjoyments.

House in Bushes

In this Garden you can find almost all kind of flowers. Every season has its own bloom species. Ever the most fastidious taste can be satisfied.

Open Tulips

One of my previous posts was devoted to tulips, but I still cannot have enough of them. I continue making pictures of them because they are too beautiful. Colors are dazzlingly bright.

Pair of Tulips

We should always remember that growing tulips takes quite a time. Tulips are sold as bulbs because the seeds themselves take many years to produce flowers – usually at least five. When growers are creating a new variety of tulip, the process takes even longer.

Tulip Bee
Tulip Queen
As I mentioned above, Garden consists of several parts, each one has its own peculiar plants. This photo makes me believe that I am somewhere in Asia or Japan now, although I have never been there.
    Picture I Painted
Yellow Bush
A lot of people visit this Garden almost every day. I have already noticed its regular visitors. They usually walk the same lovely paths, so you can definitely see familiar faces. Couples may find many places to skip away. It’s a good place to play “hide and seek”, but be careful not to be lost.
Walking under Sun
If you visit this Garden in May. you will have an amazing opportunity to see and smell lilac blooming. It’s almost the same as being in the most exquisite French perfume shop. Smells are incredibly delicious, so even you may feel hungry and decide to lay down under one of lilac bushes and have a picnic.
Ready to Bloom
I will try to share with you more lilac pictures in my next post, since it needs more space.
Finally, everything I share with you about my Garden is pure truth. I tried to show you my sweet little world that inspires me greatly.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. However, my pictures (as great as they can be) cannot show you everything, I advise you to come and visit it on your own. Believe me you won’t regret. As it is said “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Anna Means …

Did you recognize that many romantic heroines’ name is Anna? For example, Anna Karenina, Anna and the King, Queen Anna, Anna Rivera (Gallery Velvet), and Anna (Frozen). You may argue with me that the amount of examples is not that impressive. However, I still hold my opinion that Anna is one of the most romantic and frequently used names. Anna lives in every part of the world. You can easily meet Anna in Germany or France, Sweden or Netherlands, USA or UK. It became so popular that you can hardly avoid meeting Anna. There are different variations of this name, but meaning is always the same: sweet and charming girl.

Moreover, what is exactly behind this popular name, let’s obtain a deeper inside into its meaning. The name Anna is probably the Greek version of the Hebrew name Hannah. Both come from the common Hebrew verb (hanan), meaning to be gracious or to be compassionate. Saint Anne was traditionally the name of the mother of the Virgin Mary, which accounts for its wide use and popularity among Christians. A direct translation of this name from ancient Greek is God’s Grace. Meaning of this name is already “blessed by Lord”, no wonder that it is so commonly used in literature. Anna can be only a positive heroine. Nobody can expect that Anna can be an evil witch. NO! Such image does not appear in my head and yours?

To tell the truth, Anna has a very sensitive nature. If you ever met any girl with such a name, you cannot disagree that all Annas are very creative (not to mention the author of this post). Anna is kind and thoughtful, at the same time; she is governed more by her emotions rather than by logic or reason. Her dreamy nature can easily lead her into love affairs. Indeed, I noticed how easily Anna can be impressed with the slightest thing. She can develop a real story from tiny detail. Sometimes her imagination goes beyond the reality. She likes wearing “pink glasses”. Nevertheless, Anna can be responsible and very serious in making any decision. One of her drawback is that she likes looking for justice. Her desire for justice at any price can bring her into confrontation with beloved. She can be not enough patient or stubborn. Anna likes dreaming of … almost everything and surely of her Prince. Girls with such name idealize their chosen ones and would like to have them to be perfect. It is every indication that Anna is a passionate person who will make you to be always on guard. These women never let you relax, but you know very well that you cannot live without them.

In conclusion, every name is unique and deserves to be spoken of. I do not advertise anything and do not diminish the importance of every name. All I wanted is to get to know why this name is so frequently used to describe famous characters. It is obvious for me now; this name is so controversial that it can suit many personages, from the thoughtful and serious to capricious and adventurous.

P.S. I tried to be very unbiassed!


Pink Shades

Charming Lady Pinky…mysterious lady-flower that likes wearing pink! She impresses me every time I look at her. Her posture is so gracious!

Branch of Pinkies

I wonder what thoughts are circling in her head! What does usually a real Lady think of? 

Enchanted Magnolia

It seems they usually concern of their hair and outfit, whether they are still pretty and slim. Well, usual women do like that, but these Ladies have some other issues to think of. They need bright sun and gentle wind to hold their heads at right angles. They need to see you smile when you look at them!  They would like to be pretty as much time as possible. As Nino Rota wrote:

 A rose will bloom,
it then will fade
So does a youth.
So does the fairest maid.

They are afraid of time that does not play well for them. As soon as they bloom clock starts ticking. Lady Pinkies are not ready to fade, so does any women. 

Inside Triplet

Lady Pink is in harmony with its inner world. And what about women? Whether we feel the same and always. Oh, I have big doubts. We do not feel ourselves so well as lady flowers. We are always unsatisfied with our inner or outer world. Lady Pinky is luckier, we can envy her! 

Lady Pinky

Time spent with Lady Pinky can cure you from all your troubles. You should just be next to her and you will feel better at once.

Lonely Pinky

Lady Pinky is always beautiful and slim. She doesn’t need to be on a diet!

Pink Baby Girl

Lady Pinky likes company and enjoys sharing her positive energy!

Pink In Blue

Pinky likes to be in a pair! 

Pink Magnolia Tree

However, sometimes Pinky needs some space!

S White-and-Pinky

Pinkies always can make us curious. Their world is so mysterious and full of puzzles… 

Pink Sky

but when we look at them we do feel ourselves better and happier. They have a magical power! Don’t you feel?