Fields of Tulips

Tulip's Steps

A new working week has just started and Friday seems a long way away. We all are a bit moody and sleepy. So, I would like to cheer you up and share with you some of my new photos.

Life in big cities is very hectic.  Everybody is in a hurry, traffic is awful, air is full of fumes. If you can find a park or just a land of nature, everything else disappears. You can hide here.

That’s what I exactly did.

Tulip's Pattern

I found my peace of mind between fields of tulips. Funny colorful flowers made me so relaxed.

Field of TulipsTheir beauty blinded me. They were so different and so gracious. Colors – so intense and sparkling.

I realized that you do not need to go to Holland to enjoy tulips. You can do it right here in the center of my Kiev.

Tulips in StripsThe only thing that frustrated me was a pretty strange behavior of some people. Girls were trying to place their slim buttocks in the center of flower beds while posing in front of cameras. Ok, I do get that they will look pretty among tulips, but what harm can be done to flowers.  What if everybody does like that, nothing will be left after. We have to follow some rules and we shall appreciate the work done.  So, please let’s enjoy this beauty with care!

Tulip's Glade

While looking at these gorgeous flowers, I found out that I don’t know much about them. So, I made a study.

The English word tulip is derived from a Persian word, delband, which means turban. They look exactly like turbans.

Tulip Girls

They actually originated in Central Asia, including Turkey, where the tulip is the national flower.

Tulip flowers are considered to be a symbol of perfect lovers, their passion, love, romanticism and dreaminess.


Tulips are used for making flower bouquets as well as other floral arrangements. In fact, they form an integral and important part of wedding decoration.

When I found out that Tulips are edible I was very surprised.
They add striking beauty, color, and fragrance to many dishes when creatively used. In the Dutch famine of 1944 , people often resorted to eating sugar beets and tulips. Can you imagine? But I know that when there is nothing to eat, you can eat almost everything. I just do hope that we shouldn’t chop this beauty to our salad. 

Lonely Girl
Tulips are like people, they need care and attention. They absorb love from us. They are opening their heads to sun in the same manner as people trying to catch the sunlight during warm spring days.

Tulips are inspiring.  They inspire us to think about something very sweet…

In the Background
about something gentle and romantic!

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