Nature Observer: Magnolia

We are all the observers by nature, we like watching and like being curious. We like seeing something new and being surprised. That’s what exactly happening with me when I see nature. Mother Nature always makes me wonder, I cannot understand why everything in our life is not as perfect as nature…why we have to face something ugly or just not pretty…or maybe even ugly looks pretty for someone…because everything is created by nature, so there can not be not pretty, sometimes Mother Nature can make some mistakes and it won’t look so nice. However, when magnolia trees are in bloom, we can definitely say that Mother Nature did her best. Just look at it…

Just Beginning

I feel myself very lucky because I had a unique opportunity to trace the process of blooming from the beginning. I felt a bit crazy, every day I was walking to these trees and waiting for their birth. It’s an amazing experience. It made me feel as happy as a baby who’s got a new toy. Childish, isn’t it? I was patient with them and they lived up to my expectations. 

White Queen

I was honored to share with them their spring birth. 


They look gorgeous, they look like sweet brides in their perfect white gowns. Colors around them were dazzling, I have to be careful not to be blind from their beauty. Sweet little brides, so fresh and innocent!

First in my life I felt that I received a new role. I became a nature observer and you know what I have never been more excited. So, from now and on I have a special mission, I should observe and share with you my thoughts. We have no right to miss anything, even the slightest thing. This world is so huge and so unknown, we have to pick up everything and enjoy it, don’t you agree?

By the way, on the way to blooming garden I met funny birds, they were quite busy.


Also, I had to stop for a moment to catch small blue babies, who hided between big flowers. They are so cute!

Blue Babies

And then suddenly my breath was caught… 


We were here, perfect place where sun was smiling at you and colors changing every second. I needed to catch my perfect moment…

For some minutes you could feel yourself transformed and even hypnotized by pure beauty…

Coloring Blue sky and traveling fluffy clouds, green fresh grass and white magnolia, only Nature can draw such perfect picture. Everything was in a right place, a perfect moment of peace and joy!

However, what do we know about magnolia, not much I guess. Indeed, I also do not know much. So, I decided to provide some interesting facts about these magnificent flowers. Did you know that the name Magnolia was named after the French botanist, Pierre Magnol. Some magnolia trees can live to be 100 years old or longer. In the Victorian language of flowers, magnolias represent dignity and splendid beauty, I can definitely agree with that. 


Magnolia trees originate from Southeast Asia and North America, but they have been naturalized to almost all continents in the world because of their beauty. Flower of magnolia has pleasant scent that resembles the smell of tropical fruit. Magnolias are ancient plants. They exist on the planet at least 95 million years. Since they appeared before bees, magnolias slowly changed their flowers to become more attractive to bees (to ensure successful pollination). Magnolia produces cone-like brownish fruit that can reach 2 to 10 inches in length. Kidney-shaped seed can be red, orange or pink in color. Seed of magnolia is favorite food of many birds. 

Little ParadiseI believe I can look at them endlessly and sill will wonder how nature can create something as perfect as these fabulous trees. 


Maybe here I should make a break and let you enjoy the view! Just sit in a shadow and dream…


Words are not necessary here, you can just feel…I don’t know how about you but I had a goose skin!


It was a real pleasure for me to share with you my observations.

See you soon!


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