Happy Colors


I have never thought that I can be amazed by flowers, but it happened, when I found these cute little flowers I was happy as a kid who got a big chocolate. These sweet babies were hiding from me, so it took some time until I found them. I became a real flower hunter. Have you ever heard about it?


When I saw them, I forgot about everything, like the whole world didn’t exist, only small flowers who were looking curiously at me. They wondered who this girl is and what does she do with her big camera.Β  If you look at me at that moment you could see a pure concentration, I was looking into camera and didn’t notice anything. I needed a perfect shot. Well, I am not a professional photographer, so some drawbacks might be observed, but I did it with passion.


Flowers are alive, so they can think and feel, of course, not like human beings, but in their own way. Sometimes I wonder what they think about today, what they discuss between each other. Aren’t you curious?


Some amazing stories can be made in our heads. We can imagine what the life of flowers looks like. Hm, it will remain a secret, however, we still can feel some energy arising from them!


Looking at them and smelling them made us smile. This is one of the best positive energy sources. Somehow I feel very right when I am catching some good photo of them. I can be lack of this in my routine life, but they can change it at once.

Beautiful flowers, fantastic colors and positive mood, let’s make our day special!


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