Cooking with Ann: Light Salad


Welcome back to Ann’s Kitchen! Are you hungry? Then come in and let’s have fun!

I do prefer healthy food, but sometimes due to lack of time and money we are not able to eat what we would like. For instance, I like seafood and since I live not in Norway or some other seaside country, I have a limited choice of sea products. I cannot tell that we do not have enough sea products, just sometimes  they can be a bit expensive. However, we should not give up and still find how to eat more fish.  It doesn’t mean we have to forget about meat, not at all, just from time to time it’s good to eat something different. It’s very important to keep the balance in our body. It should have enough of everything, don’t you agree?

So, today I invite you to cook with me a cod liver salad, sounds strange? If you know what kind of fish cod is, then it shouldn’t be strange for you to know that it has a liver, which is quite delicious. Unfortunately, in my shops there is only cod liver in a tin can. This salad is very light and easy, it takes several minutes to cook!


Cod liver in a tin can – 1 tin can;

Eggs – 1 or two it depends on the amount of cod liver, if not much, then one egg is enough;

Green onion (fresh).

It is really very simple. You have to open a tin can and put your cod liver in a separate plate and cut it into small pieces.


Then you need to hard-boil an egg (or two). I hope everybody knows hot to cook a hard-boiled egg! Leave the eggs in the hot water for ten to fifteen minutes.  Then peel your egg. I know one trick. In order to be able to peel your boiled egg easier, then leave it in cold water for some minutes.



Cut the egg into small pieces.


Take fresh green onion and also cut it into small pieces.


Finally, mix all your ingredients together. If you would like, you can add oil from a cod liver tin to your salad, but only small drops. It will add some additional flavor. Salad is ready!


You can eat this salad with some boiled potato. It can  be easily pasted on some toast as well. You can enjoy it both ways or even create your own. This salad is very light and fresh and very good for you, so you can serve it as a light starter. This is so quick and tasty, anybody can cook it. Bon appetite!

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