Crocuses Are The First


Photography is a real art for me. It gives a unique chance to catch the very first moment. So, when I saw the first brave flowers who dared to come out in these early, sometimes cold, spring days I could not miss it… Let us greet the first little crocuses, aren’t they gorgeous?


I am an amateur at photographing, but I tried to play with colors. I feel that I didn’t only change the color accent, but also the mood of the photo. Do you agree? 


These brave little angles showed me new world. I was taken aback by their beauty. If you look at them carefully, you can notice that they hide sunshine in their heads. Aren’t they cunning? And we can wonder where the sun is! 


Crocuses can be of different colors, in the place were I was walking I came across mostly violet ones. They are so gentle and so noble, they hold their heads like a queen its crown. 


My little crocuses are so easy as well. You plant them, forget them and if they want, they show up in springtime. You may even not recognize them, they like playing hide-and-catch with you. They are elegant and cheerful flowers who make our early spring so bright and warm! 

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