Cooking with Ann: Ukrainian Cottage Cheese Pie


Everybody likes delicious food, right? I bet not everybody likes cooking. Cooking can be fun in case you are not tired after a busy day in office. Daily routine, tasks, work and kids often make us not so fresh in the end of the day, so wish to cook disappears. Sometimes we are lack of time even. Thus, we find ourselves sitting in local pubs or restaurants, or ordering food by phone. This is surely a practical way out, however, not always useful one for our tummies. You can ask me what can be done and I do not know what to answer. We are all different. Nevertheless, I believe that cooking can be a real fun if you do it with pleasure and some interest. I feel that you cannot agree with me, especially those women who have several kids, hungry husband and messy house. All things considered, I still would like us sometimes find time to cook ourselves something delicious and healthy. It’s so cool, believe me! Somebody said that “I kiss better than I cook, and I am a great cook”, it can be nice to check whether all chef-cook are great kissers.

I cannot call myself a real chef-cook; I am a pure amateur, who tries different things from time to time. But I do cook. In my chef-cook’s menu I can offer you different soups, salads, second courses and even dessert. Today the talk is exactly about dessert, light and healthy. Let’s start our fascinating food journey. As it is said “A great dish is a journey that takes you to places you have never been”, don’t you agree?

Ukrainian cuisine is very much a part of the population’s culture, lifestyle and customs. As Ukrainians are extremely hospitable their meals are served in very generous quantities. Some of the best Ukrainian cuisine is actually very simple. Many ingredients are used in what some may regard as unusual combinations, creating a unique and sumptuous dish.

Cottage Cheese Pie


Cottage cheese (preferably home-made) – 500 gr;
Eggs – 3;
Sugar – 3 table spoons;
Semolina -3 table spoons;
Salt, milk, raisins and sour cream.


Here we go!

Take 3 eggs and separate yolk from white.


Add 3 table spoons of sugar and some raisins (if you have) to yolk and mix egg yolk with sugar till it dissolves (with spoon).



Top semolina with warm milk so the semolina can swell. Add a pinch of salt to the egg white and beat the egg white with mixer till foamy.


Then cottage cheese is mixed with the yolk-and-sugar and swelled semolina. Slowly add the egg white foam to the mix.


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C. Take a baking dish and smear the baking dish with butter, you can also sprinkle it with semolina to avoid sticking. Finally, pour the mix into the baking dish and smear its top with sour cream.


Bake it for an hour until brown. Enjoy cottage cheese pie with tea or coffee!

Thank you for your company! Enjoy your dessert and come back since I have lot’s of interesting receipts to share. See you soon at Ann’s kitchen!


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