Sunlight in March


March is the first spring month, but it’s as changeable as our mood. Today March is sunny and gentle with golden sunlight; tomorrow – dark, rainy and piercing. I have to be clever to catch a perfect March moment. One of these days I was lucky. Capricious March was a “good girl” and shared with me its images.


Bare trees standing and covering their bodies with branches like shy girls. I wish I could have a magic wand and make them blooming.


Still-bare trees are beautiful against lovely blue sky! Sunlight and shadow are playing on bare tree branches.


Bare tree branches look like “bony fingers covered by the itch”. These awkward bare arms of trees would like to embrace us.

sunlight shadows

And only the evergreens look always pretty, they do not change their outfits. Ever-young girls!


A whisper of spring flowers topped with a dash of exotic spices. I do like wandering in the woods. Time seems to get lost its meaning here. I feel myself free and can put away my thoughts. It doesn’t matter where you look, every angle is beautiful. Let’s fill our lungs with fresh air and enjoy sunlight spots playing on our face.

let's jump

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