Cooking with Ann: Light Salad


Welcome back to Ann’s Kitchen! Are you hungry? Then come in and let’s have fun!

I do prefer healthy food, but sometimes due to lack of time and money we are not able to eat what we would like. For instance, I like seafood and since I live not in Norway or some other seaside country, I have a limited choice of sea products. I cannot tell that we do not have enough sea products, just sometimes  they can be a bit expensive. However, we should not give up and still find how to eat more fish.  It doesn’t mean we have to forget about meat, not at all, just from time to time it’s good to eat something different. It’s very important to keep the balance in our body. It should have enough of everything, don’t you agree?

So, today I invite you to cook with me a cod liver salad, sounds strange? If you know what kind of fish cod is, then it shouldn’t be strange for you to know that it has a liver, which is quite delicious. Unfortunately, in my shops there is only cod liver in a tin can. This salad is very light and easy, it takes several minutes to cook!


Cod liver in a tin can – 1 tin can;

Eggs – 1 or two it depends on the amount of cod liver, if not much, then one egg is enough;

Green onion (fresh).

It is really very simple. You have to open a tin can and put your cod liver in a separate plate and cut it into small pieces.


Then you need to hard-boil an egg (or two). I hope everybody knows hot to cook a hard-boiled egg! Leave the eggs in the hot water for ten to fifteen minutes.  Then peel your egg. I know one trick. In order to be able to peel your boiled egg easier, then leave it in cold water for some minutes.



Cut the egg into small pieces.


Take fresh green onion and also cut it into small pieces.


Finally, mix all your ingredients together. If you would like, you can add oil from a cod liver tin to your salad, but only small drops. It will add some additional flavor. Salad is ready!


You can eat this salad with some boiled potato. It can  be easily pasted on some toast as well. You can enjoy it both ways or even create your own. This salad is very light and fresh and very good for you, so you can serve it as a light starter. This is so quick and tasty, anybody can cook it. Bon appetite!

Crocuses Are The First


Photography is a real art for me. It gives a unique chance to catch the very first moment. So, when I saw the first brave flowers who dared to come out in these early, sometimes cold, spring days I could not miss it… Let us greet the first little crocuses, aren’t they gorgeous?


I am an amateur at photographing, but I tried to play with colors. I feel that I didn’t only change the color accent, but also the mood of the photo. Do you agree? 


These brave little angles showed me new world. I was taken aback by their beauty. If you look at them carefully, you can notice that they hide sunshine in their heads. Aren’t they cunning? And we can wonder where the sun is! 


Crocuses can be of different colors, in the place were I was walking I came across mostly violet ones. They are so gentle and so noble, they hold their heads like a queen its crown. 


My little crocuses are so easy as well. You plant them, forget them and if they want, they show up in springtime. You may even not recognize them, they like playing hide-and-catch with you. They are elegant and cheerful flowers who make our early spring so bright and warm! 

Cooking with Ann: Ukrainian Cottage Cheese Pie


Everybody likes delicious food, right? I bet not everybody likes cooking. Cooking can be fun in case you are not tired after a busy day in office. Daily routine, tasks, work and kids often make us not so fresh in the end of the day, so wish to cook disappears. Sometimes we are lack of time even. Thus, we find ourselves sitting in local pubs or restaurants, or ordering food by phone. This is surely a practical way out, however, not always useful one for our tummies. You can ask me what can be done and I do not know what to answer. We are all different. Nevertheless, I believe that cooking can be a real fun if you do it with pleasure and some interest. I feel that you cannot agree with me, especially those women who have several kids, hungry husband and messy house. All things considered, I still would like us sometimes find time to cook ourselves something delicious and healthy. It’s so cool, believe me! Somebody said that “I kiss better than I cook, and I am a great cook”, it can be nice to check whether all chef-cook are great kissers.

I cannot call myself a real chef-cook; I am a pure amateur, who tries different things from time to time. But I do cook. In my chef-cook’s menu I can offer you different soups, salads, second courses and even dessert. Today the talk is exactly about dessert, light and healthy. Let’s start our fascinating food journey. As it is said “A great dish is a journey that takes you to places you have never been”, don’t you agree?

Ukrainian cuisine is very much a part of the population’s culture, lifestyle and customs. As Ukrainians are extremely hospitable their meals are served in very generous quantities. Some of the best Ukrainian cuisine is actually very simple. Many ingredients are used in what some may regard as unusual combinations, creating a unique and sumptuous dish.

Cottage Cheese Pie


Cottage cheese (preferably home-made) – 500 gr;
Eggs – 3;
Sugar – 3 table spoons;
Semolina -3 table spoons;
Salt, milk, raisins and sour cream.


Here we go!

Take 3 eggs and separate yolk from white.


Add 3 table spoons of sugar and some raisins (if you have) to yolk and mix egg yolk with sugar till it dissolves (with spoon).



Top semolina with warm milk so the semolina can swell. Add a pinch of salt to the egg white and beat the egg white with mixer till foamy.


Then cottage cheese is mixed with the yolk-and-sugar and swelled semolina. Slowly add the egg white foam to the mix.


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C. Take a baking dish and smear the baking dish with butter, you can also sprinkle it with semolina to avoid sticking. Finally, pour the mix into the baking dish and smear its top with sour cream.


Bake it for an hour until brown. Enjoy cottage cheese pie with tea or coffee!

Thank you for your company! Enjoy your dessert and come back since I have lot’s of interesting receipts to share. See you soon at Ann’s kitchen!

Sunlight in March


March is the first spring month, but it’s as changeable as our mood. Today March is sunny and gentle with golden sunlight; tomorrow – dark, rainy and piercing. I have to be clever to catch a perfect March moment. One of these days I was lucky. Capricious March was a “good girl” and shared with me its images.


Bare trees standing and covering their bodies with branches like shy girls. I wish I could have a magic wand and make them blooming.


Still-bare trees are beautiful against lovely blue sky! Sunlight and shadow are playing on bare tree branches.


Bare tree branches look like “bony fingers covered by the itch”. These awkward bare arms of trees would like to embrace us.

sunlight shadows

And only the evergreens look always pretty, they do not change their outfits. Ever-young girls!


A whisper of spring flowers topped with a dash of exotic spices. I do like wandering in the woods. Time seems to get lost its meaning here. I feel myself free and can put away my thoughts. It doesn’t matter where you look, every angle is beautiful. Let’s fill our lungs with fresh air and enjoy sunlight spots playing on our face.

let's jump

Last Traces of Winter: Sunny Snow


                                  I just look at nature and wonder how perfect it is. It is so beautiful!

Kant is moving toward the idea that beauty is an objective rather than subjective quality, that is, a recognizable property of an object rather than the private taste. Moreover, I may believe that happiness in life is predominantly sought in the enjoyment of beauty, wherever beauty presents itself to our senses and our judgment — the beauty of human forms and gestures, of natural objects and landscapes and of artistic and even scientific creations. The enjoyment of beauty has a peculiar mildly intoxicating quality of feeling. Beauty has no obvious use; nor is there any cultural necessity for it. From religious point of view beauty is an objective reality which we always experience subjectively. True beauty is achieved by consenting to God, who offers us perfect delight. From a mathematical side beauty is the first test: there is no permanent place in the world for ugly mathematics. For Friedrich Schiller beauty is the most perfect reconciliation of the sensual and rational parts of human nature. As for me beauty is a huge complex system of senses. It depends on what we see, feel, smell, hear and taste, even on our six instincts as well. I dare to say that we can say that this is beautiful only when our senses are in harmony or, at least, some of them, because smelly cheese can be pretty delicious and look good, but has very bad smell! Don’t you think so? Don’t you agree that these natural prints are truly beautiful without any editing or retouch?