Friday, 13th

Will you let me to speculate on the matter of Friday the 13th and present you my fresh poetic masterpieces?

I see approval in your eyes . Oh, I feel excited, volla:

It’s Friday the thirteen
Bad luck today may win
Let’s not afraid
And smile at it
Bad luck will fail
If we feel positive

      Right now I see bewilderment in your eyes. This poetic attempt can hardly be called a masterpiece, however, you have to know that it took only few minutes to compose. Who else of you can compose anything so quickly? Aha, now you are smiling!

      And what do you think about that:

Today a cat
A very black cat
Found himself well
Next to my flat
I was taken aback
And froze at my place
Not sure I would
Take another few steps

    As to black cats, did you know that a black cat crossing your path is considered bad luck? So, watch out!

   By the way, have you ever met my friend Brad? No, then you lost a lot:

I have a friend
His name is Brad
He’s very superstitious
He never steps
When sees a cat
He never steps
On sidewalks cracks
He never sleeps
Or singing at the table
He never chases
Someone with a broom
And never climbs a tree
In stormy weather
He feels unlucky
Every Friday the Thirteen
Such strange a man
Have you ever seen?

   It can be nice to see my poetic Muse more often no matter of the day, then I can entertain my sweet readers and make them smile.

P.S. Hope I am enough modest!


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