A Bridge between Winter and Spring


        I know it is too soon to talk about spring, today is only the 2nd of February, however, birds have started singing and calling for spring. I enjoy their song; it makes me smile and gives me a feeling that something wonderful is going to happen soon. Do you hear this song?

     A major snowstorm hits before spring. Symbolically it means a bridge between two seasons. When winter fights with spring as to who will have control during the early spring. One day winter wins and we have snow and cold winds. The next day spring is on top with sunny weather. When I look out of my window all I see is a very bright sun that winks at me and invites me for a long walk in nature. It is hard not to jump out of chair and ran away. At such moment you are just a kid. Do you remember how awesome it was to be a kid? The world is full of wonder, no boundaries for imagination and curiosity…

     As we know spring is the beginning of all beginnings. Spring is the beginning of everything: plants, animals, the work or study, the life, also including love. I regard spring as a very passionate season full of mysterious weather changes and flows. Imagine you are in the mountains in early spring. Mountains in spring look like young maids with snow make-up, smiling, whereas rivers at foot of hills are real whirlpools, angry and full of emotions exploding in their veins. Everything comes alive again.

     Sam walks in park, sun shines so gently at his face, almost blinds him. He doesn’t see clearly what is around him, but an amazing female silhouette catches his eye. She walks slowly as if tries to inhale the first signs of spring. She is so beautiful. Painfully, breathtakingly beautiful. They are reluctantly approaching each other. She also recognizes him. They have never seen each other before, but they are smiling at each other. A new feeling is born in their hearts…it is spring!


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