Lunch with My Friends – Meeting Squirrels

ANRO Studio presents:

Please click on this link and  spend several magical moments with my little friends. Hope you can gain positive energy as I did while making this short film.  I had a pleasure to spend time with these sweet creatures and they helped me to discover a completely new world. This is just a pilot series and my amateur attempt to put my childhood dream to reality.  Did you guess what the dream is?

Friday, 13th

Will you let me to speculate on the matter of Friday the 13th and present you my fresh poetic masterpieces?

I see approval in your eyes . Oh, I feel excited, volla:

It’s Friday the thirteen
Bad luck today may win
Let’s not afraid
And smile at it
Bad luck will fail
If we feel positive

      Right now I see bewilderment in your eyes. This poetic attempt can hardly be called a masterpiece, however, you have to know that it took only few minutes to compose. Who else of you can compose anything so quickly? Aha, now you are smiling!

      And what do you think about that:

Today a cat
A very black cat
Found himself well
Next to my flat
I was taken aback
And froze at my place
Not sure I would
Take another few steps

    As to black cats, did you know that a black cat crossing your path is considered bad luck? So, watch out!

   By the way, have you ever met my friend Brad? No, then you lost a lot:

I have a friend
His name is Brad
He’s very superstitious
He never steps
When sees a cat
He never steps
On sidewalks cracks
He never sleeps
Or singing at the table
He never chases
Someone with a broom
And never climbs a tree
In stormy weather
He feels unlucky
Every Friday the Thirteen
Such strange a man
Have you ever seen?

   It can be nice to see my poetic Muse more often no matter of the day, then I can entertain my sweet readers and make them smile.

P.S. Hope I am enough modest!

How to Make This World a Happier Place?


                                            How wonderful it can be to see that everybody is happy and healthy.
                                                                How amazing it is when people smile!
        As an idealist I would like to see that everybody is happy and my ambition is to do something important and meaningful. I can see you frown at what I said? And I totally agree with you. How can I dare to claim it? How is it possible to accomplish such a mission? How is it possible at all? I surely don’t know how to do it, but I wish it so much. Life is given in return for good works, don’t you think so? Mother Teresa was asked what was the meaning of life, and she said to help other people, and I thought, ‘What a strange thing to say’ – but maybe it’s the right thing to say. So, let us think together how through this short post we can try to help each other, let us find the sources of positive energy, which is responsible for our happiness.

       In Chinese culture, moving water is a symbol of “chi” (positive energy) and luck. Water is essential to our life, drinking enough and right quantity of water is vital to our health. We cannot live without water, i.e. we are not happy with it either. Water is associated with calmness because of its cooling effect in our body. It is, in fact, the calmness within us, peace and centeredness of our minds and souls, while moving water is a powerful force that carries away everything, in particular our negative energy. Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress. Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it. Water is patient. Dripping water wears away a stone. Remember you are half water. If you can’t go through an obstacle, go around it.


Good Food
Aren’t you surprised? Yep, good and health food is also a source of positive energy. But remember that only healthy one, not that chocolate bars which are hidden in your bedside-tables. Good food and nutrition brings us – health, positive energy and with it endless possibilities. Our body is a very complex system which needs to be cared. Every part of the system works according to its own rules, very strict ones. It is like a machine, when one detail works badly, it affects the entire system. Hey, human body is the only machine for which there are no spare parts. That is why it is very important to provide enough energy to make these parts work. Good food should be light and, at the same time, nourishing. It also should look good and attract you attention. There are so many books of healthy receipts that you cannot find an excuse for your not willingness to prepare a nice meal for yourself. You also forgot how interesting can be the process of cooking. Cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love. So, let’s love and cook.


       One of the best sources of energy is Love, who has any doubts? Have you ever see a person in bad mood that is in love? NEVER. Love does wonders. Love really makes this world a happier place. Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible – it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could. Love is a chemical process which transforms our bodies as well. And I mean not only women-and-men love, but daughter-mother, son-father, sister-brother and etc.. Love creates also a respect towards another person. It makes you kinder and more patient. Love influences your body in every aspect. It is the strongest weapon against depression. Love is our life, until we live we love.


Family and Friends
      Family and friends should ride in tandem. That’s just part of life and thus it’s always good to have family and friends in your life. That’s when you know who truly loves and cares about you! It is often said that your wife/husband should become your best friend, and then your family life can be successful. You feel better when there are people who understand and support you. You need someone to talk to; you need a shoulder to rely on. Men need to spend time in male company, women – in female. It is important when you family understands your needs and let you live your own life as well. It is fun and compromise at the same time.


Hobbies and Travel
    Every person needs a hobby; it is an unlimited source of energy. Usually our hobby is not our job, unfortunately, but this is something very interesting for us. It can be stamp collecting or knitting, anything you like. A hobby can make a person feel more well-balanced in their lifestyle. Taking up a hobby can also help a person manage his or her stress better. Everyone needs an escape from the world and discovering something new. Amazingly, hobby can help understand ourselves better. It reveals our inner secrets and desires. For instance, why do you like writing? I write to become the person that hides inside me. And what about you? Why do you have your blog? Isn’t it your source of positive energy?
I believe that traveling can be also a hobby. Who doesn’t like traveling? Traveling is the most effective way to learn about the world you live in. Traveling is like a book can help you discover this world. We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.


     Finally, my list of sources of positive energy is very short one, and surely doesn’t contain everything that really influences our life and makes it happier. There are so many points to add, so I ask my nice readers and followers to help me with it. I can see already a spark in your eyes, aren’t you interested? I feel that everybody has something to share with…


Her Name is Hope

   Many of my followers know that I am from Ukraine. You might also hear that Ukraine is situated in the centre of Europe, but it looks like an outsider. Some of you heard that UA is one of the most corrupted ex-USSR countries, which cannot brake its tight knot with Russia, so currently is in war in its Eastern part. Everything is quite true, however, I would not like to make you sad while complaining about many things that are not good in UA. Today I am in a patriotic mood. I feel that today I need to share with you a true story about one example of true heroism which hardly can be found in the 21st century!

   There lives one Ukrainian girl whose name is Nadiya, which means “hope” in Ukrainian. She is not a simple 30-years old girl who dreams about husband and big house, she is a pilot, a real military pilot, who spent most of her life in army. Hope is not a typical girl and has never been. In her childhood she dreamt about planes, she wanted to fly like a bird. I guess she wondered why people do not fly? Of course, strong adrenaline rush, fear, excitement and overwhelming sense of flying, and feeling of freedom – you hover in the sky like a bird. She wanted to feel this complete freedom. Somehow she managed to break rules and get a corresponding career, she became a real pilot. In the beginning it’s very difficult for a girl to prove military men that she is equal to them. She almost didn’t have a chance to sit in a real pilot chair, but one military man believed her and let her do it. Since that time she was one of the first pilot girls in Ukrainian army…Then UA faced the most difficult historical periods and Nadiya as a real military girl cannot stay aside. She took part in this war for Ukrainian independence and was taken prisoner by terrorists in the Eastern part of Ukraine. She was hold captive until terrorists brought her secretly to Russia to a real prison.

   Nadiya was accused of death of Russian journalists, however, she has never been enough close to the place were these journalists were killed. She claimed to be innocent and started hunger strike. There is no serious evidence of her complicity in the crime stated, but Moscow doesn’t always follow general rules of judgement. Russia uses her as a hostage in her political games. 

   56 days this girl does not eat anything. She is physically very weak, her body is not with her, but her mind has never been stronger. I have no idea how it is possible, however, this brave girl is not afraid of death anymore. She tries to prove her innocence and she protests against this awful war, which has been started by Russia on the territory of Ukraine. This is her only weapon now.  I have never seen a more heroic girl and surely you too. I believe that such brave people are born once in a century. She is a Ukrainian Janna Dark who gives a dare to the whole world. I cannot describe in words how proud I am that we have such people in our country. Moreover, I surely know that such a person cannot be found anywhere in the world. EU and USA as well as other powerful countries can never have such heroes because people there follow other rules of life. People there are too materialistic and too proud of themselves, there are lack of real heroism. You can call me too critical and strict towards other nations, who also went through many challenges and wars for independence. But let me remind you that many years ago these other nations might have been also very brave and patriotic, but it is history now. In our high-techs money-can-do-wonders world there is not enough place for high morality and great patriotisms. I do not believe that  many of you are ready to leave everything and even die for your country. And this girl can do it. She has never dreamt about it, she definitely wanted another life for her, but somebody took her dreams, and all she can is fight till her last  breath.

     Many of such heroes are born In Ukraine. The history of my country is full of such examples.  It is ill fate. I don’t know how long this country can be strong yet, but until Nadiya Savchenko and other heroic soldiers who are in the Easter part of Ukraine now are with us, we have no right to give up. Every Ukrainian citizen from the smallest to grown-up has to do everything possible to fight for our independence. We have many ways and many different weapons, but the strongest  is our unity. We will win! Slava Ukraini!


A Bridge between Winter and Spring


        I know it is too soon to talk about spring, today is only the 2nd of February, however, birds have started singing and calling for spring. I enjoy their song; it makes me smile and gives me a feeling that something wonderful is going to happen soon. Do you hear this song?

     A major snowstorm hits before spring. Symbolically it means a bridge between two seasons. When winter fights with spring as to who will have control during the early spring. One day winter wins and we have snow and cold winds. The next day spring is on top with sunny weather. When I look out of my window all I see is a very bright sun that winks at me and invites me for a long walk in nature. It is hard not to jump out of chair and ran away. At such moment you are just a kid. Do you remember how awesome it was to be a kid? The world is full of wonder, no boundaries for imagination and curiosity…

     As we know spring is the beginning of all beginnings. Spring is the beginning of everything: plants, animals, the work or study, the life, also including love. I regard spring as a very passionate season full of mysterious weather changes and flows. Imagine you are in the mountains in early spring. Mountains in spring look like young maids with snow make-up, smiling, whereas rivers at foot of hills are real whirlpools, angry and full of emotions exploding in their veins. Everything comes alive again.

     Sam walks in park, sun shines so gently at his face, almost blinds him. He doesn’t see clearly what is around him, but an amazing female silhouette catches his eye. She walks slowly as if tries to inhale the first signs of spring. She is so beautiful. Painfully, breathtakingly beautiful. They are reluctantly approaching each other. She also recognizes him. They have never seen each other before, but they are smiling at each other. A new feeling is born in their hearts…it is spring!