A Symbol of Loyalty


         It is said that swans often do stay with their partners for life. In case one of them dies, the other stays alone…It is wonderful and sad as well, it seems a bit unfair that the other should be lonely the rest of its life, however, if you love a person very much, how can you imagine a life without him/her? It should be impossible. For animals like swans – yes, but people are more pragmatic.

      Let’s make up a story. Olga and Michael are good colleagues. She is a very good book-keeper, he is a programmer. He helps her to deal with her bookkeeping software. One of the evenings they stay longer in the office, they have a task to fulfill, and suddenly a passionate glint passes through their eyes. They feel strange and confused. They find each other attractive, emotions fill their bodies. They do not know how to express their feelings and, somehow between lines, they awkwardly try to occur in one of the common places and pretend it happens accidentally. They continuously look for some moment to share their first kiss. Olga takes up an initiative, it is obvious since men are usually shy. After a couple of unsuccessful tries, she eventually grabs the lapels of his jacket and kisses him thoroughly. Michael is frustrated for some second, but his man consciousness gets the best and he replies her with even hotter kiss…

     They drift into dating, they drift into living with each other, they drift into we might as well get married. They are happy and enjoy their first years together, however, one of the days Olga feels herself not completely happy because she doesn’t have earrings with diamond or mink fur coat. She still works at the same company and holds the same position. They live with her parents and cannot let themselves a separate apartment. “A cottage is a castle for those in love” doesn’t work for her. Michael starts to be interested in other pretty girls. Children, money, and other stuff turn their life into a nervous breakdown until one of them becomes brave and asks for freedom…

      Swans never ask for freedom, they cannot imagine life without each other, so why people cannot do like that? Why do we need and ask more? Why this world is too money-dependent? Where is romance? In this matter world regresses, materialistic things more important than human life. We are greedy for things, whereas we are lack of serenity, calmness and conscience. Would you like to disagree? Yep, I feel it…and you are right, you have to argue about it and you have to prove me that world is not so hopeless yet. I also do not lose my hope; I do believe that there are exceptions. There are very smart and wisdom people who do not waste their life on stupid things. There are couples who spend their common 50 years like one day and they know no quarrels. I do believe that it is possible but only for those ones who value life as a gift, as you can only have it once…


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