22nd of January, One Year Ago

        What life is like when you are twenty or twenty-five? You watch the world for the way it watches you. Life is a roadmap for you. Your eyes are full of hope; they are shining like two stars in a dark sky. Your twenty-somethings are the prime of your life. It seems that you have many years yet. You look at this world with curiosity. Everything piques your interest. You look for idols to follow. You can not understand cruelty, injustice, deception, and betrayal. You do not think about death. Sometimes you are reckless and fearless. At exactly this time you discover in yourself an ability to love. And what happens with you when your love is a young 23-years-old girl, very innocent, is in danger on the verge of disaster. This young stupid doll is in a dark tunnel, runs wildly. She sees two doors only: one door is a dark cage where there is a huge bear-type man with a whip whose orders she will be following without a word, and the other – is a spacious passage, through which she has to go to reach a final destination, her path will be crooked with many obstacles, but there is no guarantee that she won’t be left there alone. So, you cannot leave this girl alone, in your twenties you start a serious fight, sometimes hopeless one. You do not give up; you take a risk and do not think, you just feel…. And then a bullet passes through your body and you close your eyes…forever! You life is over in your twenty-somethings!

P.S. A bit allegorical description devoted to young men, who became first victims of cruel ex-president regime during Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine in 2014. They died for their country, they were heroes, they were unarmed.  Snipers who killed them are still not punished…


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