Magical Winter

     Every season has its own distinctive charm, but snowy winter is of particular interest to me. First winter snow! It gives me a touch of magic, it seems that winter waves a magic wand and fix the world. Winter is an artist who prefers light, soft, and sometimes shadowy colors. Winter is a season of recovery and preparation, smell of pine trees and colorful lights of Christmas. It makes us expect a wonder and believe in wonders. It is a season of family, fire and home, everybody comes back home in winter, and for some second becomes a kid who looks for presents under Christmas tree. Winter is oddly comforting, don’t you think so?


2 thoughts on “Magical Winter

  1. Great photos! Winter session is the best, when it is white! Without snow it is a depressive and long period of the year! But with snow, it just provides several entertaining! So let is snow and let’s go to build a snowman! 🙂 Or snowwoman! 😉

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