I Just Should Say…

I wanted to start my today’s post with another topic, but I cannot.

Maybe many of you saw in news that yesterday 12 civil people died in Volnovakha due to terroristic attack by Russian terrorists.  I certainly understand that this is just one of today’s hot news, which somebody maybe won’t notice even, however, for Ukraine it is another extremely tragic result of war started on our territory by Russia. My blog is not devoted to any political side or opinion, I do not take any of the political party’s sides or anything like that. Nevertheless, I cannot keep silent… 12 innocent people died and this is not the first tragedy. 

In the 21st century Ukraine has to defend its own territory. You may tell that EU and US  support us and do everything what they could, but I have to disagree. Not everything and not enough. Democracy and morality are not the priorities of modern European world anymore. Money and business become more important. However, who has a right to blame them for that? Only  Ukrainian mothers who receive their sons in coffins…or  people whose relatives died in yesterday’s tragedy, or Ukrainians who spend most of the time in bombproof shelters in the Eastern part of Ukraine. I see your readiness to debate on this issue, I already hear your words that “Ukrainians made their bed, now lie in it”. There is certainly a point in it. A highly corrupted country, which has voted for a criminal President and then kicked him out at the cost of its own citizen’s lives, cannot have a second chance especially when not much changed since the end of Winter Revolution 2013/2014. Faces changed, but system not. Moreover, except for economical problems we have war now. So, why EU and US should help us? I will tell you why – because when somebody next to you asks you to give him a hand  and you just stand and watching him dieing, it means that you are worse than an animal, even in the wildest jungles there are better rules than in our world!!!

Do not forget to be humane!

Many people took their solidarity when journalists were killed in France, now, unfortunately, it is time to do the same for Ukraine!


5 thoughts on “I Just Should Say…

    1. Thank you for support! Unfortunately, there is a real war in eastern part of Ukraine and almost every day Ukrainian soldiers and civil people die, it’s a tragedy for my country!


      1. It’s good to know that such people like you around the world understand the situation and support us! Thank you! Ukrainians do not give up, finally, Russia will fail and will pay her debts in full!


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